2013 Axial Geocache #3 – Florida!


2013 Axial Geocache #3
Here’s the third Geocache of 2013! This one was hidden by our good friend Kha Ly down in central Florida. He came back from hiding this Geocache with stories of venomous spiders, a lost GPS unit, and something about a 15 foot gator?!

Remember, it’s about the adventure you create getting there to recover the goods that really make this program fun. We like to hear from you about your experience. You will not be disappointed with this location when you get there! Grab your R/C’s and head out to do some trail running. This is a cache and carry find, once you find it, it’s yours to take with you. Tread lightly and leave no trace.

Axial Geocache #3-2013 Coordinates:
Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge http://www.fws.gov/merrittisland/

Latitude: 28.736598 Longitude: -80.753682 (If you don’t have a GPS unit paste the coordinates into Google maps and look for the green arrow)

What you get from us:
More prizes on top of the prize that you will find.

A few photo hints…..