WB8 Driveshaft Upgrade

Have you ever done this to your WB8 driveshaft?  Turned your driveshaft into a broken piece of licorice.

This is my high speed Wraith running a Castle Creations 5700Kv on 3S Lipo battery.  This thing used to destroy plastic driveshafts.

I wanted to find an easy inexpensive fix.  The weak link of the WB8 is in the male half of the driveshaft, due to it being hollow for assembly, the shaft can collapse allowing it to then twist and eventually break.  So all we have to do is prevent the shaft from collapsing.  The answer came in Axial threaded aluminum pipe links.  Turns out the outside diameter of the threaded pipe is almost the same as the inside diameter of the driveshaft.  So here are the parts used:

Axial WB8 Driveshaft Set – AX30794

Axial Threaded Aluminum Pipe 6x106mm – Grey AX30516

I built two driveshaft to show you two different ways.  The first way is to fully assemble a female half and fully assemble a male half.

Cut the aluminum threaded pipe to about 45mm and then hammer it into the male half.

Note: Once you hammer the aluminum threaded pipe into the male half of the driveshaft, you will NOT be able to access the screw for the U-joint. Disassembly can only be done but cutting the shaft apart.

Here is the method I prefer.  Assemble two female halves.

Then cut a male half to remove the coupler part of the shaft so it is now a splined insert.

Then cut the threaded aluminum pipe to length and hammer into the plastic piece.

Your final product will be two female shafts connected with a floating splined insert.  

Note: you may have to cut the female halves to the required length for your application.

Here are the completed two options to strengthen your WB8 driveshaft.

Installed on my Wraith

Since doing this modification I have not had a driveshaft fail.  I’ll keep beating this Wraith to see what breaks next so we can continue to improve our products. Thanks for reading.

RECON G6 – On The Mountain SoCal Edition – Upland, CA – January 5th, 2013

RECON G6 On The Mountain SoCal Edition - January 5th, 2013

The RECON G6 is turning 2yrs old and have given SoCal a Chapter of its own, so in anticipation of our excitement Axial will be G6′n 150+ trail markers in honor of the first ever SoCal Gunit G6, and door prizes will be available to the first 30 G6′ers to sign up.

What – RECON  G6 On The Mountain SoCal Edition
When – 1-5-13
Why – Because we’re G6′n & you know it!
Registration – 12am
Stage Start – 1pm immediately after the National Anthem
Where – Mt. Baldy (6945 Mt. Baldy Rd., Mt. Baldy) Event is across the street from the Trout Ponds in the dirt parking lot.

G-Fee – $10

Mountain Mash R.E.C.O.N. Intel:

- Tow strap is mandatory
- Spare tire is not mandatory
- 5 scale items are mandatory
- Water Proofing is not mandatory, but depends on driving ability!
- Canoe is not mandatory, but highly recommended
- 2 scale camping items
- Winch not mandatory


More information and official forum thread that will announce exact location:

Axial “SCX10JK” s-POD Source and Rigid Industries Lighting

We have been slowly working on finishing up some final touches to the SCX10JK. As we all know, the work is never really done on a trail rig, but it is cool to get to that point where everything is in good working order, and you have some time to do some stuff that has been on hold. In our case, it was time to look at turning night into day.

While doing an extensive amount of research about off road lighting, we found this company called Rigid Industries. These guys are at the forefront of the LED light bar movement. It appears as though many of the lighting companies are going the way of LED, and most looking at the low profile option of light bars instead of the traditional round lamp and reflector housings. At the front of this pack sits Rigid Industries, innovating and setting the benchmark. The light bars they have developed have paved the way for almost every off road light manufacturer. The Jeep JK has been the most popular vehicle to showcase this lighting option, so there are lots of options for Rigid lights and mounting systems.



Once again we headed over to Rebel Off Road to discuss these options for our JK. While discussing the options for the lighting the subject of power distribution arose. Rebel promptly recommended the s-POD Source.


The s-POD Source is a dream come true for those looking for the perfect way to power accessories without having to build a complicated wiring system or worry about having a negative effect on the factory wiring. Most new vehicles these days have a very sophisticated wiring system that is built for diagnostics. This means that almost every wire is monitored in the amount of current that passes through it. This means any extra demands of that wire over and above its intended purpose will throw a code warning the driver that there is a potential problem with the vehicle wiring system. The s-POD Source is designed to take power directly from the vehicle’s battery and distribute it to 6 potential aftermarket options. This was exactly what we needed!


We promptly ordered up the components to get the job done to include:
[1]s-POD Source
[1] Rigid Industries 50” E-Series Light Bar Combo
[1] Rigid Industries 10” E-Series Light Bar
[3] Rigid Industries Dually lights
[1] Poison Spyder Roof light bar mount
[1] Set Poison Spyder A-Pilar light mounts
[1] Fairlead mount for bumper light

Once the components arrived, we sent all the parts and the Jeep to Rebel Off Road to be outfitted. To start, Rebel mounted the s-POD and ran all the wiring, as well as mounted the mounting brackets for the lights
The Poison Spyder A-Pilar Mounts


The Poison Spyder front Fairlead mount


The s-POD comes with a direct fit mount for the Jeep JK vehicle.


You simply hook up the positive and negative included wiring, and you are ready to power whatever you want.


There is then 1 wiring harness that you run inside the vehicle to a vehicle specific switch panel. This panel for the Jeep JK is placed in between the sun visors, a perfect out of the way spot, yet easily reachable by the driver.


The next step was to run the wiring to the lamp locations. Here is a shot of the a-pilar wiring location. Notice the awesome waterproof plugs that are provided with the Rigid Industries Lights


With the wiring completed and the brackets in place, it was as simple as bolting the lights up and plugging them in!

The A-Pilar lights are small but offer a ton of light, as well as some quick side to side aiming options


The 10” E-Series light mounted on the front bumper is a great light to illuminate what is directly in front of the vehicle



The roof mounted Rigid Industries 50” E-Series lamp puts out massive amounts of light, and will be used to illuminate longer distances for higher speed night travel. This combo bar offers reflectors that also light up to the side of the vehicle for a wide range of viewing at night. It is mounted to a silver powder coated Poison Spyder LED bar mount.



We are very much looking forward to hitting the trail at night, now that we will be able to see! These things even blind you during the day time!!


For more information of these great products, please visit Rigid Industries here and s-POD here

To get the history on the Axial “SCX10JK”, please check out the following links! Be sure to check back often, as we will continue to build up the SCX10JK and fine tune it for maximum performance!

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RECON G6 – BDay Bash II – Report


Mayberry Park, Reno, Nevada, USA

December 8, 2012

Two years ago the RECON G6 Challenge was born at Mayberry Park in Reno, Nevada.  Not knowing what to expect, a small group of scale enthusiasts showed up that first day and experienced fun like no other RC event had ever provided.  That day they drove their scale vehicles for over two hours and burned thousands of mah (battery talk) while competing with the course and the clock.  Those that finished beamed with pride.  All that participated couldn’t wait to get more.  Fast forward two years and the RECON G6 has matured.  It has grown from a simple timed event to a full-fledged adventure!

There are so many fun parts to a RECON G6 that it is hard to describe.  Of course driving your scaler for several hours is fun.  Hanging out with your buddies is fun.  Talking R/C with fellow enthusiasts is fun.  Checking out everyone’s custom trucks is fun.  Looking for hidden treasures is fun.  Experiencing nature is fun.  But, put them all together and you get something great.

At a RECON G6 you see people helping each other out; lending parts and tools and pulling each other over and through obstacles. Everyone helping each other finish.   You see people picking up trash and donating their time.  The RECON G6 is run by Brian Parker and his RECON Crawlers Crew, but others help out just because.  Some make awards.  Some bring food.  Some donate prizes.  Some help set up and clean up.  It all comes together into a community of scale R/C goodness.

The Second Annual Birthday Bash is a celebration of the great event that is the RECON G6 Challenge.  Almost 70 drivers showed up to participate in the celebration.

Here is one amazing example of how great the RECON G6 Challenge has become.  This is Daniel Siegl.  Daniel flew all the way from Austria to Reno, Nevada to complete a G6.  Traveling over 5,000 miles! Oh, My!  Now that is overland!

The first thing I did was walk the course a bit to see what was in store.  I noticed some frozen mud.  It looked like it would be softening up when the sun rose a little higher.

The Reverse Trail Marker.  I hope everyone remembered to program their ESC for 100% reverse.

For some reason, TM76 reminded me of an alien horror movie.  It looks like that trunk is going to eat someone.

There’s no need to call Sydney.  If you are at a G6, you are in for a good time.

See that bridge way over there. Drivers will be crossing it at around TM100.

It looked innocent enough, but the wide slats made it a bit unnerving to walk across. It looked like those gaps would eat a 1.9.

TM115 was underground.  I looked but no trolls were to be found.

I got to about TM150 before running out of time.  I quickly hustled back to G-Central for the start of the day. On the way back I spotted this crop circle.  It may have been created by Alien Gee-Six’s spacecraft.
The first thing I spotted at G-Central was a lot of rigs in the birthday spirit.

This one has candles ready for the cake.

I also spotted the new Axial SCX10™ Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon.  SWEETNESS!!!!

This one was extra extra sweet.  It was rocking some awesome officially licensed Currie RockJock 60 axles skillfully crafted by Vanquish Products.

Is that the officially licensed Rigid Industries Vanquish light bar?  It might just be the new standard for night stages!
I also spotted this rig (scratch my head in thought). First glance it looked like a Wraith.  Then I pick it up and….

….wait a minute.  That’s an EXO buggy! With a Wraith cage. Hmmm. IFS and G6?

Thom Kowatch was using this cool Pull Pal type anchor that he made with a Axial Heavy Duty Link and a piece of an electrical box.

Party Pinata.  I wonder what’s inside.

I noticed everyone wearing dog tags, so I had to take a closer look.  They turned out to be surprise presents for all the participants.

Dan W shows his off!

Crap, the cops are here.  Looks like we’re about to be shut down.

Just kidding.  That officers Skiver and Howard here to pick up all the toys for the Washoe County Sherrif’s Christmas on the Corridor program. G6ers all brought toys to donate.  It looked like there was well over 100 toys donated.

Daniel Siegl got his official G-Greeting from Parker.

The Hawaiian RECON chapter built this sled. Notice the flag up front.  It was decorated with a pineapple in their honor.

Almost go time.  First a quick drivers meeting and then, of course, the National Anthem. Please remove your hats and press play.

These guys are ready to get their G-BDAY Party on!

Line’em up and light your Lipos.  It’s GO TIME!

The Meeks clan pushing through the first few dozen Trail Markers.

Looks like that EXO is doing just fine.

Yup, there’s Austria’s finest taking a dip in the Truckee River.

Oh, yeah.  That mud is defrosting nicely

The party continued on the trail.

I thought these guys were looking for a lost contact lens.  Turned out there was a nasty hole that rigs were getting stuck in.

It created a bit of a line.

Luckily, the new Axial SCX10™ Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon was there to help out.

If you spot anything on the G-Trail, you better pick it up.  This ear won someone a new Dingo.

These jewels earned drivers time bonuses.

This random chunk of concrete was barely wide enough for the SCX10s

Wraiths had to be a little more creative to make it down.

Mike Pham-tastic was sweating it up in the Ultra Class. He was the first one to most of the Trail Markers.

Also in Ultra Class was Thom Kowatch who was hot on Pham’s tail.  He caught up to him by TM150.

A dirty tank top and sock? Could there be anything grosser on course? Yes, yes there can be.  All G6ers carried trash bags to beautify the river.

See, now the trash is gone.  Good job G6ers!

Mama Bear Rose Parker wanted some credit for picking up several bags of trash.  Here’s props to you, Mrs. Parker.

On course repair is pretty common when driving for 4 hours.  These guys were prepared.

The Wraiths had a pretty easy time on the bridge

SCX10s needed some help to bridge some gaps.  Here John Hallman uses his sand ramps to to avoid falling victim to the crack.

I don’t know what this guy’s problem was.  He was smiling every time I saw him.  He’s the happiest G6er I have ever seen.

Time for a quick battery swap to replenish the mAhs.

This lady brought the Girl Power Wagon out to play.

Ice cream and shaving cream awaited the fishers back at G-Central…

…so did calisthenics. Each driver got to stop and do 20 jumping jacks at the half way point.

Back on course, it was a return to the mud. These two seemed to be afraid of the mud. : P

Dan W. wasn’t afraid to squeeze the skinny pedal.

TM250? Only 125 left.  Better hurry up.

SkeenoJr’etta was determined to finish.

Here she is blasting through some puddles.

Better hustle, guys.  The sun is going down.

There’s that new Axial SCX10 Jeep JK again leading the trail!

Old school pair.

I see some papercraft in the back of that Toyota.  His driver also carried his own theme music.  I’m glad he didn’t OverGold.

This guy spotted the Princess.  You know he was rewarded back at G-Central.

TM304, so close now.  Keep on truckin!

This poor puppy was a tuckered out.  Mama had to carry him the last 100 Trail Markers.

Is that GCRad1 doing engagement pictures? No wonder he couldn’t make this G6.

Quick log ride before heading home.

The last Trail Marker was the cream pits.  GET SOME!

The SWAG pile.  I know what I would have wanted.

As awards and presents were being passed out, Parker got a little love from SkeenoJr’etta.

Here’s the award winners in no particular order.

RECON and all the G6ers would like to thank Axial Racing and all the other sponsors for making this Birthday Bash a great event.  If you haven’t been to a RECON G6 Challenge yet, you better get to one soon.