Axial Visits Azusa Canyon Off-Road Park

We were fortunate in receiving a call from the President of ACORA, Mike Bishop, to come check out the, opening soon, Azusa Canyon Off-Road Park located in the San Gabriel Canyon Off Highway Vehicle Recreation Area. Mike and several others (including some lead board members) have been involved in developing and building this park. They are building a great full-size obstacle course to test the crawling capabilities of a rig and the driver’s skills in navigating over them. We were able to extend our invite to a couple other friends, John Rocha and Cody Waggoner, and we made plans to meet in the parking lot at the park. As we arrived on-site we noticed that you could see the obstacle course from the parking area which makes for a sweet spot for spectators to watch the action. We met up with Mike and he gave us the grand tour of the already designed obstacles, telling us about each one and its intended purpose and level of difficulty. As we walked around we really started to get a feel for the size and challenge that some of these obstacles were going to present. After the walking tour we jumped in our rigs and put them to the test. We had a lot of fun on the course with our rigs and then later with our Axial rigs. We were even able to meet a couple new Axial fans that just happened to be at the park that day. Mike Bishop and crew are really working hard on something good and we are honored to be able to get a firsthand look at the Azusa Canyon Off-Road Park. We will be seeing more of Mike in the future.

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Axial at Azusa Canyon Offroad Park
Axial at Azusa Canyon Offroad Park
Axial at Azusa Canyon Offroad Park
Axial at Azusa Canyon Offroad Park
Axial at Azusa Canyon Offroad Park
Axial at Azusa Canyon Offroad Park
Axial at Azusa Canyon Offroad Park
Axial at Azusa Canyon Offroad Park
Axial at Azusa Canyon Offroad Park

Art and Andrew Plascencia of Baldwin Park at Azusa Canyon Offroad Park. These guys just happen to be out visiting the park as the father has handed down the Toyota FourRunner [red truck in the background] to his son and out for some local off-road fun. Andrew brought out his Axial SCX10 Honcho as well!

Axial Wraith Spottings – Phase III

Axial Wraith™ on Palomar Mountain – Project Snowbound

AXIAL Wraith by JKRC Part 2 – Excessive Force

Realistic Steering for the Wraith


Axial’s new Wraith in the Rocky Mountains

AXIAL Wraith by JKRC – Marlin Crawler: Tha Big Czajkowski

Wraiths at Flagstaff

AXIAL Wraith by JKRC – PART 2 of Marlin Crawler: Tha Big Czajkowski


PHASE II of the Axial Wraith Spottings
PHASE I of the Axial Wraith Spottings

Wraith Steering Tips

Now that the Wraith’s have been out on the market for a bit. We have had a few people mention that they were getting some bind in the stock steering linkage. So, for this article I will be going over a few simple tips to help smooth out the steering on your Wraith. The biggest culprit for getting steering bind on the Wraith’s is dirt. After a few battery packs off-road dust will work it’s way into your steering and suspension ball studs. Ball studs are the pivot points in any steering or suspension link set-up. The ball studs press into the rod ends, and provide the links the freedom to move as the steering and suspension cycle through their travel. If dirt and debris work their way into the ball studs, it will start to cause bind. Bind in the steering can cause servos to overheat and even burn out, as well as excessive wear in the steering components.

Since there are no super mini micro torque wrenches available for our niche sport, we have to be careful how much force we use to tighten up our suspension and steering links. Especially when is comes to plastic self tapping screws. The Wraith comes with plastic ball studs stock as well. If the screws that pass through them are over tightened, it will distort the ball stud and cause the steering to bind as well as limited overall movement. So, be vigilant in your maintenance schedule, but don’t overdo it when you are checking the torque specs on your plastic self tapping screws. The best thing you can do to help avoid these issues is upgrading to steel ball studs, (Part # AXA1331) which are 100 times more durable then plastic. I am also going to upgrade this Wraith’s steering system with an aluminum servo horn for added piece of mind and strength. Here are a few tips on the conversion.

Here you can see I removed the servo horn from the servo. At this point the linkage should move freely without bind, if it doesn’t, then upgrading the ball studs will fix the issue. Here you can see this one is a little sticky.


Removing the servo horn revealed that the plastic ball stud in this linkage was in fact crushed down a little.


To remove the stock ball stud, I use a pair of wire cutters. Squeeze lightly around the neck of the ball stud and pop it out of the steering link.


Here you can see the old damaged ball stud on the left and the new ball stud on the right.


Use a pair of pliers to install the new metal ball stud as shown.


After installing a metal ball stud and aluminum servo horn, you can see the linkage will move freely now. If you still have a little bind, or sticky feel after installing the metal ball stud. Run a couple packs through your truck and everything should seat in and work smoothly after that.


Now repeat the above steps on the other 3 points in the steering linkage locations, opposite end of the drag link and at the steering knuckles. Then, you should be back in business. Again, if the linkage still feels sticky. Run a battery or two through your truck and the linkage should free up. Sometimes dirt gets embedded in the plastic, so cleaning your steering link holes before installing the new ball studs is a good idea too.


R.E.C.O.N. G6 Challenge Joker’s Wild


R.E.C.O.N. G6 Challenge “Joker’s Wild”

When: Saturday July 30th, 2011

Where: Exact location will be announced 24hrs prior to stage start. Cisco Grove Campgrounds, CA will be the host/lodging for this G6.

Tech: 0800hrs. All vehicles will be impounded immediately. All vehicles that do not pass tech will receive a time penalty. Tech will remain open until 0845hrs.

Start Time: Stage start time will follow the National Anthem. No late starts!

What: 3 stage G6 Challenge featuring new terrain and poker run for all 1.9 r/c scalers and Axial Wraith drivers.

G-Lunch: Trail dogs, chips, and oranges.

G-Fee: $20

Cisco Grove day use fee: $5

More information:

Wroncho Action Shots

I went out last night for a little shakedown run with my Honcho. For those that missed it, I recently swapped the stock axles out for Wraith axles. Wraith axles under a Honcho, equals the “Wroncho Build”. This gave me a wider footprint and the full width one ton axle look. I do need to make a few tweaks to the suspension, but so far it is pretty fun to drive. It is amazing how much more stable it is at high speeds, because of the extra width.

For those that haven’t seen this Honcho before, here is a link to my original build thread on RCCrawler. The full evolution of this truck can be seen there.

On to the pictures……








After I make a few changes to the suspension, I will get out and shoot some video. I will post the video here on our blog when I am done.

Link to how this project got started:

Link to the video:

AWCC Rock Candy Winner – Becky Barger

Team Axial driver Becky Barger walks away with the Rock Candy win at the 2011 Axial West Coast Championship Finals in Cisco Grove, Ca with her Axial XR10. Congrats to Becky for her win, we are proud to have you on the team.

A few shots of Becky on course doing work!

Becky Barger AXIAL West Coast Championships - AWCC FINALS 2011 Cisco Grove, CA

Becky Barger AXIAL West Coast Championships - AWCC FINALS 2011 Cisco Grove, CA

Most competitors rolled while driving off this ledge.

Becky Barger AXIAL West Coast Championships - AWCC FINALS 2011 Cisco Grove, CA

Becky was quick enough to give her truck a little throttle when the front tires touched down, which helped her rig land on all 4 wheels. Nice driving!

Becky Barger AXIAL West Coast Championships - AWCC FINALS 2011 Cisco Grove, CA

Becky Barger AXIAL West Coast Championships - AWCC FINALS 2011 Cisco Grove, CA

Rock Candy girls, Mindy Howe (left) and Jess Downing (right), present Becky with her 1st place trophy.

Becky Barger AXIAL West Coast Championships - AWCC FINALS 2011 Cisco Grove, CA

Keep an eye on this girl at Nationals in September, she will be on her game as usual representing the state of Colorado.

Axialert: Official Axial Facebook Page


Hello everyone,

As Social Media is all the rage… OK, way of life now… We did as many early adopters do and started a FaceBook page at the early onset. Since then and after widespread adaptation, FaceBook developed the more business oriented page for company’s. So without further ado, Axial presents the official Axial Company FaceBook page:

THE OFFICIAL Axial Company Page:

SO, what this means is that on July 28th, 2011 our “friends” page will be going away and we will no longer populate this page with information as our attention will focus just on the one company page mentioned above.


Brent Brammer’s 2011 AWCC Report

From Axial’s Warehouse Shipping & Receiving Personell and brentbrammerblogreport.jpg

Master chef – Brent Brammer

This year at the Axial West Coast Championship was epic as usual especially for me because I was privileged enough to make the trek from Orange County, California to the beautiful mountains of the Sierra Nevada’s, nestled off of Highway 80 between Reno and Lake Tahoe. After a 14 hour ride knowing what we were about to embark on, straight up good times with a lot of great people doing great things for the RC community, period.

GCRad1's HWY 395 Trip to Axial West Coast Championships AWCC 2011 at Cisco Grove Campground
When we made that turn around the road and had the full view of Lake Tahoe we all knew we were in the right area for the best of the best in rock crawling and also the Axial SCX10 G6 Challenge that Mr. Brian Parker of RECON Crawlers had in store for all of us. “What’s that” you ask? SCX10 G6 Challenge, well stay tuned because if you have not been informed of this new segment yet you will no doubt because this one is here to stay.

AXIAL West Coast Championships - AWCC FINALS 2011 Cisco Grove, CA
Here is a shot of some of the rigs that were getting ready for the first G6 run on Friday night, it started at dusk and finished under the lights about two hours later. It was absolutely a barrel of fun for anyone that participated. But at this point I have to back track to the reason I was included in this journey and that reason was, well I can cook.

AXIAL West Coast Championships - AWCC FINALS 2011 Cisco Grove, CA
Just add heat!

My grandma’s would have been proud to what I prepared and the amount of appetites that were present each and every meal. The menu was well rounded and full of surprises. We went camping yes but we also ate like we were at home for Thanksgiving, take a look for your self.

AXIAL West Coast Championships - AWCC FINALS 2011 Cisco Grove, CA
Yep that’s right Turkey day in June along with baked ham and mashed Tatars plus veggies, camping – YEA’ RIGHT! OH yea, I forgot to mention the gravy and homemade brownies for dessert.

Some of the people there were already friends of mine and some are now new friends and for that I am truly grateful!

AXIAL West Coast Championships - AWCC FINALS 2011 Cisco Grove, CA
AXIAL West Coast Championships - AWCC FINALS 2011 Cisco Grove, CA
Here is couple of shots of one of our dinners sitting around shooting the breeze and having some grub. Talking business, talking RC and some just plan talking smack in a good way. Either way we had the time of our lives for a few days out of our crazy busy schedules and a chance to get away from the daily grind called life to make some really good friends and a whole lot of memories that I will carry with me forever.

AXIAL West Coast Championships - AWCC FINALS 2011 Cisco Grove, CA
Who would have ever thought I would get to assist the magazine guys in setting up a radio!? We did discover a little roadblock in which the radio they had was an older model, of which we contacted Harley for a work-a-round solution.

Brent Brammer @ AXIAL West Coast Championships - AWCC FINALS 2011 Cisco Grove, CA

Here I am – DO WORK CHEF!

AXIAL West Coast Championships - AWCC FINALS 2011 Cisco Grove, CA
So to everyone who broke bread with us and ate my cooking from the bottom of our hearts at Axial we salute and applaud you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you again at the next event wherever that may be. This is “Rock Boy” and I am out.

Thank you
Brent Brammer

My secret sauce additive.

The AXIAL Geocache #3 – Found!

Axial Geocache #3-2011

Geocache Found:

Congratulations to Chris Boom of Lincoln, CA for finding the Axial Geocache #3.

Axial Geocache #3 Finder Chris Boom

Chris found the Axial Geocache #3 on July 13th, 2011 at 11:48AM.

Not only did Chris just score a set of un-released prototype 1.9 Ripsaw Tires, he also found some cool Axial Swag that is limited to our Geocaching program. And by reporting back to us that he did find the Axial Geocache #3, we also sent him a set of Axial 1.9 Beadlock Wheels to mount those prototype 1.9 Rispaw Tires on. These tires and wheels will look great on his Axial SCX10 Dingo. Make sure you stay tuned for the next Axial Geocache, it could be hidden in your area.

Here are a few other pics from his find.
Axial Geocache #3 Finder Chris Boom
Axial Geocache #3 Finder Chris Boom
Axial Geocache #3 Finder Chris Boom
Axial Geocache #3 Finder Chris Boom

Axial Geocache #3 Original Post:

We have had some good feedback and success on the first two AXIAL Geocache’s. So this time we decided to put a little spin on AXIAL Geocache #3 which is a special find. Instead of simply giving you the GPS location, which puts you within 20 feet or so of the cache, we thought it would be good idea and play a little follow the leader to test our direction giving skills and your direction following skills.

If you are going camping at Cisco Grove Campground, in the area of Cisco, CA 95728, or headed to the famous Fordyce Trail, get your R/C Rigs ready and get out for some AXIAL Geocaching fun. Let’s see if you can get to the site and drive your R/C rig up to grab these goods before the R.E.C.O.N. G6 Challenge guys get up there on the 30th. This is one cache you are going to want to grab… Let’s just say there is some sort of “prototype” goodies in there.

 Axial Geocache #3

Once you find the cache, it’s yours. This is a cache and carry find. Leave no trace!

Step 1

Pack your transportation vehicle with your best equipped Axial Rig and camera, and get on the road….. Don’t forget to pack water too.

Step 2

Take Interstate 80 and take exit #164, Eagle Lakes Road.

Take the exit #3

   Step 3

Head over to Indian Springs OHV Staging Area

The Base Location #3


Step 4

Park your transportation vehicle and get your Axial rig in the dirt and head for the trees.

View from the Parking Lot #3


Here is a pic looking back at the parking lot from the cache site.

Looking at the Parking Lot #3

General location of the AXIAL Geocache #3

View of the trees #3


If it’s still there, follow the arrow. It should be pointing right at the Geocache

The Spot #3

What we want from you:

Name / Address / Email / Phone

GPS Coordinates of the Indian Springs OHV Entrance Sign

Photos of you and your Axial Rig at the Geocache site.

Time / Date of when you found the Axial Geocache #3


What you get from us:

More prizes on top of the prize that you will find.

Project Wroncho – Wraith axles under an SCX10 chassis

Ever since I saw the first prototype Wraith axles, I have wanted to bolt them up to an SCX10 frame with a Honcho body for that “full width” one ton axle look. Well, I finally had a chance to try and it, and so far it seems like it’s going to be a fun vehicle. The extra width of the Wraith axles make this SCX10 extremely stable at speeds, especially when cornering on any high traction surface. The axles should make this SCX10 a great TTC style rig too, because of the extra width/beef of these new axles. I also have a feeling it would do well in G6 style events too. I haven’t had a chance to take the “Wroncho” off-road yet, but here are a few photos of my set-up. Keep an eye out for action shots and video in the near future.

The overall stance……..wheelbase is right at 13 1/2″.





The suspension set-up. I had to use various rod ends and links to achieve the stance and wheelbase I wanted. I will probably machine new rear lower links to eliminate the extra spacers at the axle.


I tried using straight rod ends at first, but the triangulation of the links was too much, and it caused binding. The curved XR10 rod ends are a perfect fit though.



For the initial mock-up I ran the link/shock mounts on the axle the standard way they arrive in the RTR Wraith. But, my ride height ended up a little too tall for my liking. So, I flipped the link/shock mounts upside down which lowered the overall height just enough for me.


It’s tough to see, but in order for the driveshafts to clear the upper links as the suspension cycles, I had to put a slight bend in them front and rear.

The rear clearance at full compression of the suspension.


The front at full compression.


Mandatory flex shot.


So far I am really excited about how this build is shaping up. Like I mentioned earlier, keep an eye out for some action shots and video very soon.

Link to build thread on RCC:

Link to action shots:

Link to video: