2011 Motorama

February 19-20, 2011:
The 3rd Annual Motorama US Indoor Rockcrawling Challenge was again in Harrisburg, PA. John “Rckcrwlr” Thornton, in conjunction with his team from Western PA Crawlers (www.wpac-rc.com), successfully transformed a huge open building into a USRCCA National Qualifier Course. With the help of CJ “Rockbound” Hines, Jay “LEWIS”, Kyle “FalconRaceway” Horne, Carey “Eviltwin v2” Baird, Del “DRCMan” Anderson and John Peoples, we were able to convert 4 triaxles of rock into a foundation for 3 classes of crawlers running 11 courses and three finals.
The event started, informally, at 5 pm on Friday, February 18th. Drivers had the option of coming in and practicing various lines and getting their rig tech’d early. The rocks introduced some interesting lines and breakovers with traction being tested with some loose dirt on them. All drivers were asked to leave at 7 pm so that we could set up the first set of courses for the early Saturday start.
Saturday, 7 am, we started with a tech. We also gathered all the drivers that volunteered to be judges for the event to go over the particulars. At 8:15 am, we had the drivers meeting. It started with a moment of silence in memory of our friend and fellow crawler Steve “STEVESTOCK” Berry, who lost his battle with cancer on Sept 18, 2010. We then went over the rules and started the comp.
The format was running 3 courses of each of the classes (1.9, 2.2 & Super) on Saturday. The courses ran smoothly and we finished up the day at about 9:30pm. At the end of the day the top 25 drivers in 2.2 and the top 5 drivers in the other classes had the honor to move to Semi and finals on Sunday.
9:00 am on Sunday, the top 25 Drivers set up for two grueling courses to identify the top 5 drivers of this class. We then proceeded to start the finals. With points being close, it could be anyone’s game. One wrong decision could upset the outcome.

When the dust settled, here is where everyone stood:
2.2 Comp:
1. Rene “Renoirbud” Budzisch
2. Josh “xrra_tj” Moore
3. James “TURBOFEST” Caruso
4. Jeff “NitroJeff” Morgan
5. Jeremy “BullfrogRC” Froehlich


1.9 Comp:
1. James “TURBOFEST” Caruso
2. Jeff “NitroJeff” Morgan
3. Arthur “PaloAltoK5” Bell
4. Dan “Dclinch” Clinch
5. Aaron “RCROCIN’” Paulovich


Super Comp:
1. James “TURBOFEST” Caruso
2. Patrick “Scatterbrains” Curran
3. Aaron “RCROCIN’” Paulovich
4. Cory “CCC22” Owenburg
5. Chris “Arct1k” Long


W.Pa.C. with the assistance of Axial Racing, offered to the 50,000+ spectators, an opportunity to test run an SCX10 Dingo Rig. With that demo run, they received a ticket to win a brand new Axial SCX-10 Dingo RTR. When the raffle was completed, the truck was awarded to Nicholas from Harrisburg, PA.

Motorama 2012 is already scheduled for February 18 – 19, 2012. If you have never been to Motorama, make sure that you mark these dates down. It is something you don’t want to miss.

Axial Racing would also like to congratulate Rene Budzisch for taking the win with his XR10 in the 2.2 Class.