Brandon’s Axial SCX10 Honcho

I have been having a blast with my Axial SCX10 Honcho kit for about a year now and thought I would share everything I have done to it.

Build List:
AX90014 Honcho Kit
AX30495 Axial Aluminum C Hubs
AX30533 Axial Hi-clearance Knuckles (2pcs)
AX30090 Axial 61-90mm Aluminum Shock Set
Axial LED Light Bucket Set
Axial Interior/Exterior Detail Sets
Axial 27T Motor
Futaba S9157 Steering Servo
Castle BEC
MaxAmps 1800mah 11.1V 3S Lipo
Vanquish Products Aluminum Shock Hoops
Vanquish Products Hurtz Dig
Pro-Line Powerstroke Single Stage Springs (Front)
Pro-Line Scale Accessories
RC4WD Rock Lox Tires
RC4WD Stamped Steel Wheels
Custom Behind the axle Steering.

Here are a few quick shots of some of the details I added to my SCX10 Honcho.

I used the Axial LED Light bucket set along with the clear lexan headlight buckets included with the honcho kit to make a realistic headlight. I simply cut holes in the lexan bucket and used some shoogoo to attach everything to the honcho body.

Check out the custom steering setup I made. I fabricated a draglink/tierod to work with the High steer knuckles and the frame mounted steering servo. This also required relocating the shock mounts with some custom tabs to raise the shocks at the axle. These changes did add some slight bump steer due to the short length of the panhard bar (locating link).

Its hard to miss these new Vanquish Products Aluminum Machined Shock Hoops!!

I installed a Vanquish Products Hurtz dig for the extra maneuverability. In this picture you can also see the enclosed box I picked up from Radio Shack that houses my Tekin FXR, Castle Creations BEC, and my Futaba 604 RX. Now I don’t have to worry about water splashing any of my electronics.

The Pro-Line Scale accessories are a must. Check out the detail in the High-Lift jack!

Check out the image Gallery below for pictures from the Axial West Coast Championships scale challenge earlier this year!

Thanks for looking, if you have any questions about my honcho please feel free to ask.

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Northwest Mogfest 2010

Article written by: Ryan Gerrish

Euro-trucks Unite!

Every August, my wife and I pack up the Unimog and venture out to Sheridan, Oregon to take part in what is probably the largest gathering of European off-road trucks in the United States Northwest Mogfest. Held on a 100 acre “Century Farm” on the tranquil Mill Creek, it has become the go-to event for enthusiasts of unique models of Mercedes, Steyr Puch, Volvo, Land Rover, Volkswagen and more. With more than 100 rigs and many hundreds of participants and spectators, there’s no shortage of interesting activities and people to meet. The week is filled with camping, playing in the river, a multitude of games and events, and watching the trucks get dirty. We rent a backhoe and dig an obstacle course to give drivers a chance to test their equipment, and trail rides are organized into the Tillamook State forest OHV system.

A lineup of Steyr Puch Haflingers. Built in the 60′s to early 70′s, these little military transports have portal axles, shift on the fly front and rear lockers, and are street legal.



Plenty of Mercedes Unimogs of every variety come in from all over the country. Here are a few 406 models showing off their tipper-beds, and another flexes in the course.



One of the buildings on the farm.



A Steyr Puch Pinzgauer 712 playing in the obstacle course.


The Volvo C303 and C304′s are portal axled, leaf sprung, and very capable. The 6×6′s also make a great camper platform.





Mercedes G-wagons.




The Volkswagen Syncro may look like a regular van, but hidden beneath is a 4wd system made by Steyr Puch with front and rear lockers! They are quite capable, and many owners aren’t afraid to test them.



Land Rovers are welcome!



An aerial view of the obstacle course.


Various Unimogs.







My Unimog 404. Logo look familiar?


For more information and media, feel free to visit!
Photo credits: Ryan Gerrish, Jeff Stevens, Kristal Dale