XR10 Snapshots – Beadlock Wheels

I have been getting a lot of questions lately asking about the XR10 beadlock wheels. Most people are wondering what the difference is in offset compared to our old wheels. So, for this round of “Snapshots” I will be covering the wheels that are in the new XR10 kit from Axial.

The new wheels are true beadlocks just like our crawler wheels in the past, but this time there are only 6 screws holding everything together.  So now tuning foams and changing wheel weights is easier then it ever has been. Here you can see all the components that make up each wheel. The XR10 wheels are compatible with Vanquish Products patented wheel weight systems too.

Here is a picture showing the complete assembled wheel with the Vanquish weights installed. Notice the plastic weight retainer that is integrated into the wheels.

Here you can see the offset difference between our old AX10 wheels and the new XR10 wheels. The XR10 wheels measure about 3/4″ from the back of the inner bead seat to the backside of the wheel hex. The AX10 wheels measure just under a 1/4″. So, there is just over a 1/2″ of offset difference between the 2 wheels. Overall width of the 2 wheels is very similar.

That does it for the wheels. Keep an eye out for more sneak peeks soon.

XR10 Snapshots-Axle Housings

Axial’s much anticipated release of the new XR10 kit has been well received in the R/C rock crawling community so far. I know there are a lot of loyal customers and hardcore enthusiasts just waiting to get a better look into this new kit. Well, over the next couple weeks I will be posting up some detailed pictures of various features that this kit has to offer. We also want to give people an inside look at the development and the R&D process associated with this particular kit.

Today, I’m going to start with one of the most critical areas, axle housings. Axle housing are the back bone of any rig that crawls in harsh terrain. If the housings aren’t up to par, then your chances of doing well at a big competition are already compromised. Rather than doing chunky metal housings that act like a grappling hook as you try to drive over the rocks. We went with a low profile plastic housing that slides over rocks nicer then anything I have personally seen to date.

Here’s a little sneak peek inside the new XR10 rear axle housing. Notice this is a finished production axle housing, but we are currently revising this particular part to ensure it is the absolute best it can be. However, you can still see all the webbing (1) that has been integrated for strength. Also notice the double shear lower link and shock mounting points (2).

Here is another view showing the complex interior of these housings.

A few detailed shots of a front C hub, knuckle and oversized universals. Details worth mentioning, aluminum drag link arm for strength (1), angled kingpins for less tire scrub and more responsive steering (2), double shear knuckle arms (3), clockable C’s (4) and burly universals with zero backlash (5).

Here’s a shot of the completed assembly (45° of steering out of the box). You can also see the knuckle arms pull double duty as a steering stop once they contact the axle C at full lock.

That covers the axle housings, and front steering components for now. Keep an eye out for more XR10 Snapshots in the near future.

RD’s Adventures – Tin Benders 2010


Whoops…. Got the RV stuck as I tried to turn around after passing Boone Rd. Had to un-hook the Jeep and work the RV back and forth to get it free. The sun went down as I arrived at the camp so I made a quick setup and headed out with the group to my first trail, Chocolate Thunder. We pulled up to the start of the trail and I thought “you gotta be kidding”…..I wished I had a night vision camera. That was an awesome trail in the dark.


Saturday morning I was able to get a shot of the camp while we were waiting for a few others to show up. As soon as they did we headed down to line up for our trail.



It was cool to see how everyone lined up for their trail of choice for the day. We were lined up for Aftershock. A bit of a drive to get to the trail head but totally worth it when we got there.


Bond of Rebel Offroad made quick work of this step-up.


Adam and his Adamantium made quick work of this step up.


And me, well, that’s not so simple. But was a ton of fun giving it a try.


I think Bond could make money on his spotting pose. Ever seen him on the side SCX10 box (AX90007)


More of the Adamantium. Just a great looking Jeep.


Flexing my rig on these rocks is sure to do some damage at some point.


Hutch working that Tracker on 33’s thru the trail with the watchful eye of his wife.




Kinda looks like an RC car at a glance. And then he goes squeezing through the rocks.



Super D’s other toy.



Hutch’s Geo Tracker still pulling some good lines and glad he has a V6.



On Sunday a few of us headed out to run Claw Hammer.


We didn’t get to make it too far on the trail because I busted the U-Joint on the front axle. Just gives me another reason to go back and try it again.





All in all it was a great weekend. I got to go wheeling with some great people with lots of experience. Met some good new people and introduced the AX10 to a guy named John Currie. Watched a guy rip off the upper links on his front axle, saw some carnage on Backdoor (comp hill). And ran into Andrew of Axial out in the middle of nowhere. Looking forward to the next outing.