Axial’s Visit to OCRC’s Crawler Course


OC/RC Raceway is known locally as one of the go to places for indoor off road racing. Recently they turned some extra space they had into a virtual crawler playground. The terrain ranges from ultra traction surfaces like cement chunks and volcanic rock to more challenging surfaces and obstacles. The ‘random height cylindrical wood pile’ was quite the challenge allowing you to easily get hung up on a diff or high center.


This is the start of the course.  There are a few ways to do it but if you have a stock SCX-10 Trail Honcho I would avoid the ‘random height cylindrical wood pile’.


Once you get past the first section you arrive at the base of the volcano. With its very porous surface grip was not an issue. The SCX-10 Trail Honcho could easily negotiate it. The Honcho was able to get up to the volcano by starting at the cement blocks. I even witnessed a Honcho go from the cement blocks at the bottom to the top of the volcano in about 10 seconds. Line placement was crucial along with staying in the throttle plus a dash of luck but it was impressive to watch.


Next up is the teeter-totter under the OC-RC Mining building. When you come off the volcano you’re at a very steep downward angle. After a little repositioning you can line up on the railroad tracked teeter-totter going up and over. Then you arrive at the ‘Indiana Jones’ style wood planked bridge that runs right above the water. Mistakes on the bridge could be costly! The track owner told me that some guys would cross over the water and then drop off the bridge to the rocks around the water. They would do this by making about a 20 point turn to position themselves perfectly and then use the bridge’s support rope to help hold a rear tire while the front tires made it to the rocks. Needless to say but that’s one route I chose not to take……yet.


Here’s a close up of the teeter-totter. Notice there is an L-shaped piece of aluminum butted up against the left rail. For 1.9 sized tires, like those on the Honcho, you must put your left side into this channel while your right side rode on top the rail. If you want to see if your rigs heavier than your buddies this is the place to do it!


Once across the bridge you come to an island. From here you can go down the wood rails on the left side or traverse the R/C version of tightrope walking. It connects the island to the rock pile table but is hardly visible in the picture.  Once past the rock pile there was another set of tightropes taking you back down to ground level finishing off the course.


The SCX-10 Trail Honcho was a little on the narrow side but still able to make it across. If you have a mini crawler the center rope and the rope on the left would be used as they were closer together. Or you could do what I did and slide your Honcho down the narrower side riding on the axles which was fun to do.


Group Shot! In the back is a 2.2 Competition Crawler. On the bottom left is a mostly stock AX-10 Scorpion and the red SCX-10 Trail Honcho is totally stock.


This little guy got totally hooked on the SCX-10 Trail Honcho. At 4 years old in a matter of minutes he was grasping the concept of crawling pretty well. The stock Honcho took quite a beating, repeatedly rolling down the rock pile, but kept coming back for more!


Another group shot with a few stock SCX-10 Trail Honcho’s and a 2.2 Comp. Crawler. The volcano was about to erupt so we high tailed it out of there to the tetter-totter. The fog machine added a really cool element to the volcano.


He better be careful or the contents in his cooler might spill!


SCX-10 Trail Honcho about to negotiate the waterfall.

All in all it was a great trip and a blast to play on. I’ve done my fair share of racing at OC/RC, which is fun, but the crawling ‘playground’ kept a grin on my face from ear to ear providing hours of entertainment. Aside from having to tighten a few set-screws here and there nothing broke. I had a chance to chat with Robert, the track owner, and he informed me that he may have bigger plans for the course. It’s only going to expand and get crazier from here to which I say bring it on!

Axial West Coast Championship Qualifier, Round 5

The last stop on Axial’s West Coast Qualifier Series was held this past Saturday, April 10th. The location for this final event was in beautiful Northern California at Lake Amador Resort. Lake Amador is best known for it’s fishing and camping. The resort constantly stocks the lake with a rare breed of trout known to put up a healthy fight when caught. They also boast about their huge catfish, as well as unbeatable bass fishing. Combine that with the fact that they have an RV park on site, Lake Amador is a fisherman’s dream come true. On the other hand, off to the west side of the lake, down in a ravine, is an R/C rock crawlers dream come true. The ravine has a good sized rock formation that has sharp ledges sticking up everywhere. The rock/ledge located at this particular spot is very unique, and has unbelievable traction. We have had an amazing amount of various terrain throughout this series, but this location was very different from what I am used to. It was the perfect location to close down what has been and awesome qualifier series. Let’s hit the road.

My fuel for the weekend………………………….Mocha Frappee’s from Mickey D’s.

The ride through the Cali countryside.


Brandon and Scott were busy watching Sesame Street all the way there.

Parker’s latest course design, moving courses. Ever try rock crawling on a rock pile that’s going down the highway at 70mph? Hold your line driver!!

On the way to the comp site Friday we stopped by Modesto Hobby and Craft for a quick visit. Very cool hobby shop, with courteous employees and numerous R/C related items. I wish I had more pictures to post from inside, but I’m an idiot and only brought our zoom lens on this trip.

Pulling into the resort.

Overlooking the lake.


Partial view of the comp site.

The Michael Angelo of rock crawling courses, Parker sets gates first thing Saturday morning.

Each course had a sign letting everyone know which course was which.

The parking lot was almost like a car show. Here’s Axial team driver Dean Hsiao’s Impala wagon, soooo clean!



Of course there were a few sweet off-road vehicles in the parking lot too.








Group shot of the drivers.

Group shot of the rigs.

Driver’s meeting


Time to do some work!!






Axial’s own Brandon Coonce working course #1


Me flailing around on course #1




Mr. Scott Hughes working it


Brent Brammer working his Axial SWX through course #2




Brandon on course #2




Dean Hsiao on course #2

Climbing into the alternate line.



Scott on Course #2




Captain Axial at it yet again harassing competitors, passing out free t-shirts and stealing motorcycles.


According to the locals the fire department conducts fire training in this area frequently. There were helicopters flying overhead all day long.

Parker’s newest hobby…………………..Ventriloquism.

And the winners are……..
Sport Class
1st place Shannon Davis
2nd place James Roque
3rd place Jerry Sanders

Pro Shafty
1st place Brian Lorenz
2nd place Brandon Coonce
3rd place Dean Hsiao

Pro Overall
1st place Daniel Flemming
2nd place John Hall
3rd place Lenny Tyler

The Rock Candy Girls

CanDance, Pro Rock candy winner (left), Shannon Davis, sport rock candy winner (center), Mindy Howe (right). Watch your back guys, they are gunning for us.

Well, that does it for this first qualifier series. I would personally like to thank Axial and Vanquish Products for their support during this series. I would also like to thank Brian Parker, Stuart Gartner and all the volunteers/judges that helped us with these events. We definitely couldn’t have done it without the help of everyone in this great R/C community. If you didn’t get a chance to attend any of these 5 qualifiers, come on out to the finals on June 24th-26th. You can run the last chance qualifier and still get into the main event. I guarantee the finals will be a memorable weekend whether you come out to compete, or just watch. See you then.