Tech Question: SCX10 Hop-up Parts

I’ve had a lot of questions recently asking what AX10 hop-up parts work with the SCX10 line of trail trucks. So, I sat down and tried about every hop-up part available for the AX10 on one of our SCX10 kits just to see what worked and what didn’t. Here’s a breakdown of what parts crossover.


Aluminum Knuckles

Aluminum C Hubs

Aluminum Lockouts and Straight Axles

Optional Ring and Pinion Sets

55t Motor

Brushless Outrunner Motor Plate

2.2 Beadlock Wheels (May need to trim body for tires to clear)

Driveshaft Rings

Bender Customs 4 Link Plate

That pretty much covers it.  As you can see a fair amount of our AX10 hop-up parts crossover perfectly to the SCX10 line.

2010 Axial West Coast Championship Series


It’s that time of year again for the Axial West Coast Championship Series!

Crawl with the best, learn from the best, and have fun with your family! The top 10 Qualifiers will automatically receive an invitation to the AWCC finals at Cisco Grove, CA.

This year, we are making all of our comps more family and spectator friendly. We’ve added more prizes, give-aways, demo rigs, display and sale booths. Not only that, we will be having 4 different classes to compete in including shafty, sportsman and M.O.A.

Our first comp starts Jan. 23rd at Lake Wohlford, Escondido, CA.

Google Map Links for each comp (we’ll update these as we go along):

Farmington, NM

St. George, UT

Long Beach, WA

Lake Amador, CA

Cisco Grove, CA

Here are some series details (courtesy of the very awesome, Brian Parker):


1.) 2.2 Sport Class: no dig

These drivers are just a step below Pro. In order to enter your rig under the 2.2 Sport Class, you must be competing with no dig and your crawler must be a Shafty. This class is for competitors that are new to the sport and also people that want to test their skills and compete with others with no dig.

2.) 2.2 Pro Class: M.O.A and Shafty

This year, we have added a sub-class to the 2.2 Pro Class: the 2.2 Pro Shafty Class. If you are a pro driver and drive a shaft driven crawler, this sub-class was added just for you. You still compete for the 2.2 Pro overall title, but the 3 best Shafty finishers will receive 2.2 Pro Shafty awards. If you do not have a Shafty, then you will compete under the M.O.A class.

3.) Rock Candy Sport Class: No Dig and must be a Shafty.

The highest overall sport woman driver will receive an award.

4.) Rock Candy Pro Class: For the pro women. Shafty or M.O.A. crawler.

The highest over all pro woman driver will receive an award.


1.)    In the 2.2 Pro you can only sign-up for either Shafty or M.O.A.
2.)    For the 2.2 Pro class, there will be 3 winners: Overall winner for Shafty, M.O.A, and overall winner. If you win with a Shafty or M.O.A and are the overall winner, you can win 2 awards.
3.)    These qualifier comps are family and spectator friendly. We encourage our competitors and onlookers to be courteous by throwing away their trash and to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages during the event as children are around.
4.)    Food will not be provided to the competitors. We strongly suggest bring a packed lunch.
5.)    Please be on time! Tech rigs start at7:30 a.m. and the drivers’ meeting starts promptly at 9:00 a.m. Afterwards, the comp starts at 9:15 a.m. We all know that time passes fast when you’re having fun, so please be on time so that all the competitors/drivers are able to get to and finish each course in a timely manner.
6.)    There is a limit of 60 drivers per qualifier event and 80 for the L.C.Q. and AWCC finals
7.)    Entry fee for each qualifier comp is $25 and the fee for the AWCC finals is $50
8.)    You can pre-register at, but can also sign-up the day of the event as well. Due to the 60 driver limit for qualifiers and the 80 driver limit for the finals and LCQ, pre-registration will guarantee you a spot at any of the events while signing up that day won’t always guarantee that you get in.
9.)    The top overall 10 qualifiers from the 2.2 Pro Class will have an automatic invite to the AWCC finals at Cisco Grove, CA. Top 10 sport drivers will receive an invite, and the highest placing Rock Candy Pro finisher and the highest placing Rock Candy sports class receives an invite. If for some reason, there is no Shafty in the top ten, then the top finishing Shafty driver gets an invite.
Please note: For those drivers that earn an invite, the remaining balance of the AWCC entry fee is due. For example, when the Championship registration is opened and you confirm your attendance, you pay the remaining balance of $25. This is due after you earn your invite. If you competed in any of the 5 Qualifiers and did not earn an invite, there is no LCQ entry fee required, but space may be limited due to the fact that the LCQ will be open to drivers that did not compete in a Qualifier. After registration opens up for all other drivers that haven’t attended any of the qualifiers, it will then open up for Drivers who attended a Qualifier for the AWCC Finals.
10.) At every qualifier, there will be an AXIAL Scale Trail run set up for everyone with a scaler. There will be demo’s hosted by local area hobby shops of all the latest and greatest AXIAL products, such as the new “Honcho”. If that’s not enough, there will be finishing prizes for all competitors at the Finals! What this means is, wherever a driver finishes, the driver will receive a prize.


7:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m. tech rigs

8:30 am – 8:45 am judges meeting.

9:00 a.m.: Drivers’ meeting

9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.: Comp

3:30 p.m.–4:30 p.m.: Announcement of winners, photos, and awards given.

We are definitely excited for this first comp. make sure to sign-up early at the Recon Crawlers Website to ensure that you get in. See you there!

4 Door Hi-Lux Build – Part II

Builder: Mike Lohmann
Location: Long Island NY
Build: Custom Axial SCX10

After applying the first coat of filler on the roof, I allowed it to cure for 24 hours, sanded it, and applied another coat. I noticed that I had more filler than I wanted, so I sanded a lot of the filler back out and went back in with strips of .01 in. plastic styrene which is paper thin. I then sanded it all down and skim coated it with a regular car body filler (Bondo). The Bondo cures a lot faster than model putty and sands just as easy as the model putty filler.

At this point in the process I noticed that I was losing some definition in the drip rails – the body had a dip on each side of the rails where the two cabs joined together. The solution I came up with was to even out the rails by installing some .060 square stock in the low spots and then sanding it down to match the existing rails.

A piece of .060 square stock was then added down the entire length of the drip to build it back out and give it definition again.


I then sanded the edges smooth and blended them into the existing drip rail. As you can see now the passengers side roof and drop rail is all smoothed out and is for the most part done.

I dropped the cab onto the chassis to get an idea of where I was at, so far so good

While the glue and filler was drying on the cab, I got started on the bed. I had to shorten the front half of the bed to make it resemble how the bed is on the 1:1 4 door Hiluxes. To shorten the bed, I made measurements and then taped it off using some blue painters tape (masking tape). I made the cuts using a small hack saw. I have used a hack saw in the past on the beds for doing bed bobs and have always had good results. After making the cuts I joined the beds together and reinforced it from the back side with .030 plastic styrene (just as I did the cab).

After the glue dried I filled in some of the gaps with styrene and then threw on a coat of filler.


I started sanding excess filler off of the bed and smoothing the seam. As you can see the seam is slowly starting to disappear

Quick mock-up shot showing the bed and cab together

After I get the front of the bed done, I plan to bob the back of the bed to help with the departure angle since this rig is going to have a lengthy wheel base.

Rock Crawling Comp in Japan

Axial Racing’s good friend Yoshiaki Kataoka put on one of the biggest R/C Rock Crawling comps to date in Japan recently. With 50+ competitors shooting it out to see who will be #1. They broke the competitors into 5 groups of 10 spread out over four courses to help things move along smoothly. To add an interesting twist to the whole comp, the groups of 10 were given their overall combined score at the end of the day. The lowest scoring group also received prizes. This was done to encourage competitors within their own group to work as a team helping each other along throughout the various courses. A great twist to the competition in my opinion. And as always, it’s great to see R/C Rock Crawling still growing strong all over the world. Great job guys!!



Bender’s Honcho Build

Well, I finally got a chance to build myself one of our new Honcho kits (part #AX90014). I’ve only got a couple battery packs through it so far and it is a blast. I haven’t added any weight to the wheels at all and it pretty much goes wherever I point the front tires. I’m going to try and get some video shot and edited soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Here’s a quick run down of the stats:

Novak 45t motor with a 14t pinion
Novak Super Rooster ESC (probably swap that out for a Holmes Hobbies TorqueMaster BR-XL ESC soon)
Futaba 4PK radio
Hitec 985mg steering servo
MaxAmps 2200mah 3S lipo

Also, a few things that I altered from stock:

RC4WD 1.9 Rox Lox tires
Axial 4 link truss out back
Stretched the wheelbase 1/2″ out back
Lowered the battery tray out front
Removed rubber bump stops from shocks

On to the pictures: