2010 Utah State Championships

I’m finally recovering from a fun-filled weekend in St. George Utah!

We arrived late Thursday night and couldn’t wait to get up the next morning to explore, drive SCX10′s, and ride our mountain bikes.

Waking up Friday morning at the campsite was quite a sight. The surrounding terrain was jaw dropping in every direction. We finished setting up camp and got right to work on getting the SCX10′s up and running.

With the SCX10′s up and running we got on the mountain bikes to do some exploring (SCX10′s came along of course!) Ran into this little guy on the trail, luckily I missed him and Scott spotted him as we passed by. I believe this is a male? I remember hearing you can tell them apart by their size. This guy was pretty small compared to others I have seen.

Break time!

Saturday morning we woke up, loaded up the crawlers and headed to the comp site about 10 minutes away from the camp ground. The terrain seemed to be endless, the 801RCC guys are really lucky to have this terrain to drive on.

Brian Parker “Doing Work”

801RCC’s own Mike Thompson… Umm, nice hat?

Scott Hughes at the start gate

Thanks Scott for taking these pics of my rig!

Nice XR10!

Squeezed in some SCX10 trail riding after the comp.

Don Hughes driving his amazingly scale SCX10 with the Pro-Line Jeep Cherokee body.

Thanks for stopping by! The terrain and scenery was just amazing, definitely cant wait to head back again. Thanks to everyone from 801RCC, you made us all feel right at home.

Also, a huge thanks goes out to the Hughes family for letting me tag along this weekend.

8 thoughts on “2010 Utah State Championships

  1. Yes were lucky i love the terrain in St.George it’s an awesome place to
    go and crawl scale run moutain bike on of the most awesomes place on earth
    to see i can’t wait to go down again and do some more crawling.

  2. Brandon, great pix! The rock in Utah is awsome. The guys from Chaotic Crawlers and 801rc are the best and really made us all feel like family. Cole had a great time and did really well for his first “pro” comp, im very proud of him and cant think of a better place to start his career.

    • Cole did an awesome job at his first pro comp! I am even more surprised how well he gets around on the rocks in those pants haha

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