One thought on “2008 RCX Show

  1. Jeez the AX10 looks nice in the blue (pic 5) they should really release a blue kit instead of having to bye a colour pack on top of the kit.

    Looks like it was a good event, Proline certainly went all out on their course not quite sure where Axial were coming from with there mini backyard though, seemed all a bit slap together to me. I thought they would have put something together that was a bit better than some fake grass and a few pavers, they really didn’t do themselves justice.

    The ol female partners looked really impressed in pic 19 reminds me of my missus and look out!! Miss STRC was smoken, got to love the faces on the boys in pic 29 and how low did that neckline go? looks like she did a couple of buttons up in the later shots, probably would have sold more if she’d just taken it off, I know I would have made an excuse to buy something off her.

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