Axial RECON G6 – Mountain Mash Event Report – Upland, CA

RECON G6 Mountain Mash Upland, California January 5th 2013

words / photos: Rodney Wills

First event on Axial’s radar for two thousand thirteen and within an hours driving distance of Axial HQ makes for an easy start to the year! Add in warm sun in typical sunny SoCal standard, but the mornings have been chilly. Then add in some good RECON G6 goodness is in Southern California makes for a fun day!

After registration is sorted, it’s hats-off for the National Anthem.


The event is coined “Mountain Mash” as the event takes place below Mt Baldy; the closest ski resort to the bulk of southern Californians located in Upland, CA. Mt. Baldy sits within the Angeles National Forest mashing up against all of metropolis and for many it is a very overlooked quick escape to wilderness but for those who know, when the snow conditions are thick, Mt. Baldy exceeds in radical terrain of the more popular local ski slopes. What make it so radical? Mt. Baldy is like Mammoth, just mashed into a quarter of the space thus it is very steep!

This particular weekend a bunch of us were mashed into a little parking lot adjacent to the Mt Baldy Trout Pools on Mt Baldy Road. Recently Brian Parker, director of RECON G6 has added a southern California chapter as a handful of guys from the area have shown some serious passion as they attended almost every RECON G6 held in 2012. With their dedication to the hobby, Parker crowned them as the RECON Crawlers SoCal chapter.


For the first time readers, the RECON G6 event series is a lifestyle, an R/C scale fun adventure for the entire family! RECON G6 events are held in outdoor environments making use of the natural terrain. RECON G6 events are based around adventure, battling the environments and building camaraderie with fellow competitors. This is very much the same type of competitive event as the globally famous Camel Trophy Cup pitting vehicles and teams against the environments and skill tasks. Like those globally famous events, RECON G6 events are point to point challenges with special skill sections pitting man and machine against the elements.

This particular weekend saw 67 adventurist come out to tackle the Mt Baldy terrain.

Brian Parker of the RECON G6 made the trip down from Sparks, Nevada to be onsite for the SoCal chapters first event. I’m always stoked to see all the comradery these events bring and I get to see people that I would otherwise not be able to see. The surprise to me for this particular event was who showed up from my other world. You know how it is, you have friends that you see at these types of outings and you see other friends at other types of events. It is of no coincidence that our full size automotive world collides with our 1/10th radio controlled world, but I still get excited when I see the two worlds collide.

This little Mountain Mash event had a visit from Dylan of ICON Vehicle Dynamics. Him and his son spectated the G6’s doing their thing and got their rigs out to do a bit of driving.

Also in attendance was my buddy Matt of 5.11 Tactical. He was wheelin’ his R/C rig along with wheelin’ a big lensed camera. look for some additional bonus images from Matt in the future.

Also wheelin’ Axial rigs in the event was Eric of Yotamasters and his father was also trailing along with an Axial rig. This was their first ever entry into an R/C event and I’m always stoked to see guys come into R/C community, especially driving Axial rigs at a RECON G6!

Last not but least is Max of Pull-Pal.

Yes, we are talking about the real deal full size Pull-Pal. Maybe you know of the long history of the PullPal and Max looks just a wee young to fit with that history and true… it is his father’s invention proving once again that off-roading is a family affair. Max came out to his first RECON G6 with his daughter in tow in May of 2012 at the RECON MALVADO G6 CHALLENGE – Apple Valley, California.

Max has been bitten by the R/C bug as he has also attended several RECON G6 events since his first while also developing the 1/10th’ish version of the Pull-Pal.

For additional event highlights…

just yards away from us, these three kings of the mountain! One seemed that he wanted to prove he was the true king.

See all the images from the event on the Axial Flickr Set:

Speaking of kings, get ready for KING OF THE HAMMERS!!!

Yes, there will be a Axial RECON Ultra4 G6 at the Ultra4 King Of The Hammers!
Read all about it on the info page: