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Axialfest 2015

“The 10th Anniversary Edition”

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From the Brian “DRVNMF” Parker RECON G6 base-station: happy anniversary to Axial R/C Inc! To all the Axial fans, what a great 10-years it has been! Since 2005, Axial has brought radio controlled fun to the masses with innovative products like the AX10, SCX10, XR10, EXO Terra Buggy, Wraith & the Yeti family. All of these vehicles have, in one way or another, helped push our radio control hobby to new levels. I am personally honored to host this very special edition of AXIALFEST, alongside the world class Axial staff, volunteers, experts, & Axial enthusiasts. I am sure this anniversary party will be one for the ages! – Brian Parker / let’s get this party started!


AXIALFEST 2015 10th Anniversary Intel

  • 10 scale items are mandatory. (An Axial SCX10 RTR meets this requirement.) 5 scale anniversary items are not mandatory, but highly recommended.
  • A tow strap is mandatory.
  • A winch is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
  • Waterproofing is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
  • An aluminum foil anniversary party hat is mandatory and must be worn during the first stage of the RECON G6. Wearing your AF anniversary hat during other stages and events may or may not get you special swag, but it will keep Big Brother from reading your thoughts.
  • A raft, kayak, or canoe is not mandatory, but highly recommended and will be used on one of the sections of the stage. If you drive this section at night, a light on your craft would be useful or put a glow stick in your watercraft for visibility.
  • A raft or boat to float your Axial scale adventure rig on water is not mandatory, but highly recommended. Your boat should have a 10th anniversary Axial Theme. Boats may be built to carry more than one truck, but boat sharing will be very difficult this year. Cruises are popular anniversary doings. It may be self powered or man powered.
  • Saturday Night Stage Anniversary Dance theme is the Sock Hop. Dance to your favorite oldies, but there is a catch. Not Mandatory, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, is that you wear a pair of Axial Socks. The best decorated pair of socks may or may not be rewarded with swag. Socks should be themed and include as many Axialfest 2015 sponsors as you can fit. Have fun and get your sock hop on!


AXIALFEST 2015 10th Anniversary Stage Intel


ADVENTURIST Intel; 1.9 Adventurist / 2.2 Adventurist / 40+ VET Adventurist / RECON Rascals / Driving Divas

  • The three RECON G6 Stages will feature separate Trail Sections; A-B-C-D-E-F and G.
  • Trail Sections will feature a variety of terrain.
  • There will most likely be no “Clear Dirt” on any section requiring rigs to transit through.
  • Drivers will be assigned their first Trail Section during registration. After completion of your first stage, you will complete each stage consecutively, meaning if you start on Trail Section-C, you will go to Trail Section-D and so on. Completing 2-sections is a great driving plan.

Ultra Class Intel

  • A tow strap & winch is mandatory!
  • Waterproofing is mandatory!
  • The Ultra Class stage will be kept scale. The water crossings may be hood deep rather than tire deep. The climbs may require winching. The Ultra Class will test your driving ability and your Axial scale adventure rigs capability.
  • A completely separate stage for Ultra Class drivers will be set to test man & Axial machine. Good Luck & Have Fun!


  • Side by Side off road 4X4 drag racing.
  • Single elimination.
  • Track will have boundaries, hit a boundary & be eliminated.
  • Lose to your opponent and be eliminated.
  • Win every race you’re in & be crowned the first ever, Axialfest Off-Road Rhythm Drag Champion!

Terra-X Race

  • If you have raced in the AF Terra-X, then you know, part of the race is reacting to the unique requirements of each moto.
  • Several motos will determine starting position for the Main Event.
  • Expect several different terrain changes on the track.
  • There will be no corner marshals, but a driver may have their own chase crew or corner marshal stationed at key locations around the track for motos. No outside help or chase crew is permitted during the Main Event.
  • If a driver flips his/her Axial rig over in the Main Event & cannot upright, the rig becomes track art until the finish.




RESERVE THE DATE: JULY 17th – 19th, 2015 –  We are going camping!


The Axial family is excited to announce AXIALFEST 2015 registration is now open! THIS IS AN AXIAL CUSTOMER APPRECIATION FESTIVAL! Bring all your Axial rigs, and leave all others behind as this will truly be an Axial only family based event! This event will bring maximum fun, the biggest smiles, the best prizes any R/C event has seen since our last event, and more! Come Celebrate Axial’s 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY at this year’s AXIALFEST!!!



TO REGISTER, follow the link here:

For First Time AXIALFEST attendees:
Official Facebook Event Page:

Official hashtag: #axialfest2015

Sign up here:

To see what it was like in previous years check out this blog from 2014:

Or this video recap from 2013:

Axle and Suspension Designs Explained

solid axle articulation

Axial Racing vehicles are patterned after full-size off-road vehicles, and at Axial, scale realism is more than skin deep. That means that Axial’s RC models are more than just realistic bodies on top of universal or generic platforms. The SCX10, for example, features solid axles and a linked suspension. The EXO Terra Buggy, on the other hand, has what is called independent suspension, front and rear. The Yeti has independent front suspension and a solid rear axle. In addition to axle types, there are different suspension types found on the same axle designs. Here are the basics of axle and suspension designs and what they are generally best for. sc10 solid axle

Solid Axle

The solid axle gets its name from the solid axle housing that goes from one side to the other, not the axle shafts inside. The internal axle shafts aren’t actually a single solid piece going all the way across. Inside the housing, there is an axle shaft on each side. This is true in the full-size world and with Axial axles. Axial’s design is extremely similar to a real solid axle. The AX10, SCX10 and Wraith all feature solid axles front and rear. The SCX10 features a narrower axle design; the Wraith platform and the current AX10 feature Axial’s wider AR60 axle that is the RC equivalent of a full floating 1-ton design. wraith solid axle

Often the terms live axle and solid axle are used interchangeably. Most solid axles are live axles, but they aren’t the same thing. A live axle is any axle that is powered and not free rolling. When rock crawling, the solid axle is often the preferred design. In addition to the durability solid axles are known for, they also don’t lose ground clearance as a tire is pushed up during suspension articulation. The easiest way to visualize this to grab a pen or pencil and imagine it is a solid axle. Tilt one end up and over an obstacle and you can see how by driving tires up and over obstacles makes maintaining ground clearance easy. This exercise also makes it easy to see why it’s often best to place tires on rocks in the trail instead of trying to straddle them. independent

Independent Suspension

Independent suspension means the two opposing sides work independently from each other. If the right front tire hits a bump, the left front tire is not impacted. When speed is involved, the independent suspension is a better choice as it provides a much smoother ride. Keep in mind that when a tire on an independent setup encounters an obstacle, the tire and suspension components travel up, but the vehicle typically doesn’t. This allows the vehicle to go over rough terrain at a fast rate and remain stable. Picture all of the wheels moving up and down independently as a truck races across a desert terrain. The downside is when traversing rocks, the center section of the chassis will stay low to the ground as the tires move up and over rocks. Many full-size trucks have independent front suspensions (IFS) paired with a solid rear axle. This used to be common on only 2WD trucks, but is essentially the standard for the majority of factory trucks. There are many SUVs that have front and rear independent suspensions.


scx10 aluminum 3 link


A solid axle can be attached to the frame or chassis of the vehicle in a number of ways. Probably the oldest and simplest way is via a leaf spring setup. Vehicles that are engineered for better ride quality and articulation (suspension movement) now use coil springs. Using coil springs, however, requires the axle to be held in proper position (and still articulate or move). This is done via links. There are a variety of link setups. A 3-link setup, as the name implies, uses three links to connect the axle to the chassis. Take the SCX10, for example, the front suspension setup has two bottom links and a single upper Y-shaped link. Since the upper Y-shaped link attaches to the axle at one spot, this is called a traditional three link setup. To add a degree of confusion, the name a suspension design gets isn’t always based on the total number of links. This is because some suspension designs, even in R/C, will have a pan hard bar (or track bar) that helps locate the axle under the vehicle and keeps the axle housing from moving from side to side. So, someone may say they have a 3-link setup with a pan hard bar. This is a total of four links. It’s worth noting that a link design that is properly triangulated will not need a pan hard bar.


wraith 4 link


The Wraith uses a traditional triangulated 4-link suspension design. A close look reveals that at the axle the lower links are mounted far apart and then closer together at the chassis. The opposite is the case for the upper links, which have an even more pronounced triangulation. This design properly positions the axle, allows for plenty of articulation and is very strong. The previously mentioned Wraith has a 4-link setup front and rear. Depending of the particular version, you are most likely to find a 4-link rear suspension on the SCX10. The Yeti uses a 4-link rear suspension. And, the current AX10 platform, Ridgecrest and Deadbolt, use 4-links front and rear. The XR10 competition crawler also uses a 4-link design front and rear.


Example of an IFS and 4-Link vehicle: Yeti XL

Super-Scale 2015 in Germany

Axial Wraith Wrockers


1st Super-Scale in Dortmund/Germany This year the first Super-Scale in Germany took place on 22.05.-24.05. in a nice quarry located in Dortmund. It was organized by forum members, German Rock Crawler, and included free scaling, trophies and challenges. We went there with a group of 5 persons with 4 Axial Wraiths and a self-made MAN Kat 8×8 on Axial Axles to join this great meeting of RC Enthusiasts. The whole quarry was split in two parts: The upper area acting as paddocks for the single groups, some sales booths, a Hill climb and U4RC Section for the Wraiths and company.  The opposite was the challenge area, were the track was prepared for all scalers, which can manage gates of 30cm width in different sections. And of course, in the heart of the quarry, featured a large-scale section with bridges, rope bridges, and a ferry including landing stages and uncountable single details.


In the climbing sections, it was nice to see the differences between Wraiths and scale vehicles like the SCX10. During the waiting periods competitors had a chance to talk with one another to discuss how their vehicles were working. Of course the large Wraiths had less problems on the different challenges, but I suppose that most persons enjoyed watching these Rock Racers. It was absolutely fantastic to see, how individual the different cars were – so many ideas and details, making it difficukt to determine the original source of the model. Especially the great MAN Kat builds seemed to be the people magnet. Crowds swarmed them.


In the middle of the area was a built track for the Sherpas Trophy, were the cars need to comply with very hard rules (no crawlers, no lexan bodies, must have bumpers, doors and a scale chassis, a winch, sand plates(mounted on the cars)) and were most realistic to see. In the evening on the campground, discussions were continued with BBQ and German beer, so that the next day could be started with fresh power and batteries. In total there were 220 listed drivers and nearly 200 visitors.

We are really looking forward for next years Super-Scale at the same location. In the meantime you can follow us on our Axial Wraith Wrockers Fan Page


10373137_386999351506482_3477638545556007341_o 10382343_386993218173762_1122052958704603495_o 10925472_386993214840429_6508536585162578570_o 11262441_386994158173668_6705460158575846292_o 11262450_386994258173658_5817743851204288115_o 11270530_386994261506991_2076845922086452157_o 11289503_386999151506502_1796062453587756269_o 11334143_386997904839960_3125441705674544612_o


Follow Rockcrawler Forum by using the following Link :

AXIALFEST 2015 Sponsor: JCR


Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce that JCR has been added to the sponsor list for AXIALFEST2015!


JRC is the very first full service graphic design, marketing and vehicle concepting service dedicated to radio controlled and full size Off Road Vehicles. JRC offers a full range of graphic design services for everyone from the average custom scale builder, to large off road giants like Axial Racing, and Rebel Off Road. Our selection of services is wide and includes all modes of design and marketing. Consulting, branding, marketing, graphic design, logos, icons, stickers, banners, packaging, t-shirts, apparel design, vehicle skins, scale photography, video editing, ads, social media, web, product design and development, custom vehicle concepting and building for both RC and full size rig. In a world of ever increasing sophistication in custom builds, graphic design and marketing, it’s getting harder and harder to create graphics and builds that have a lasting impact on your audience. Whether your a huge company like Axial Racing, or just the average builder trying to take it to the next level. You need someone on your side who has the training and experience to help you make your next project one that will be remembered.
Check out JRC on facebook: or check out my other action sport and lifestyle brand based work at

AXIALFEST 2015 Sponsor: GCM Racing


Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce that GCM Racing has been added to the sponsor list for AXIALFEST2015!


GCM began in RC in 2005 as a performance upgrade supplier for Monster Trucks and the No-Limit RC circuit, and became GCM Racing about 2007. Since then, we have designed and manufactured RC parts for SC trucks, 1/10 buggies, scale trucks, and RC parts for several outside companies. Due to the growth in the scale truck scene, the popularity of the Axial Racing products, and our love for scale modeling, we have dedicated our whole business to scale trucking design and performance. We support events all over North America, including our own GCM Adventure Series. At GCM, we are all first and foremost scale truck builders, drivers, and lovers, and are dedicated to growing the scene for RC lovers, young and old, with top quality products and support.


AXIALFEST 2015 Sponsor: Holmes Hobbies


Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce that Holmes Hobbies has been added to the sponsor list for AXIALFEST2015!

Holmes Hobbies LLC was founded in 2005 by John Holmes with the goal of
providing better electronics to the emerging sport of R/C crawling.
Since then, the business has grown into a domestic designer, motor
manufacturer, and international retailer and wholesaler. Besides their
own products, Holmes Hobbies also distributes Castle Creations and
Tekin Racing electronics. Holmes Hobbies focuses on both brushed and
brushless systems for off-road use, emphasizing superb control and
power for an unparalleled driving experience.

Visit Holmes Hobbies at:

Come camping with us at AXIALFEST 2015

AXIALFEST 2015 Sponsor: CKRC Hobbies


Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce that CKRC Hobbies has been added to the sponsor list for AXIALFEST2015!


While many may already know about CKRC Hobbies prestigious history within both the R/C and full size rock crawling industry, the hobby shop has been under new ownership by Jason Copeland since December of 2013. Copeland strives to continue CKRC’s legendary selection and service bringing R/C products directly to your door with a revamped website. If you are located within the Reno, Nevada area visit the newly decorated brick and mortar location.

CKRC Hobbies • 1110 S Wells Ave. Reno NV 89502 •



West Fork Ranger Station Scale Challenge Text: James Story Rice Photography: Robert Wise The event began early on Saturday May 30th, with a cool breeze moving down the river’s edge. Drivers began arriving around 8 am in droves from the Carolinas, Alabama, and Florida. Once sign ups began at 9:00am the hype in the crowd began to rise. Drivers began getting their scale trucks set for an epic Axial Adventure. 11130030_360476130812287_3538436371955806259_o The drivers meeting began with a huge thanks to the sponsors, including Axial, Phoenix Designs, Team KNK Hardware, ScalerFab, Rolland Rock Shop, CBERC, and TJ RC products. Each sponsor donated a number of great prizes making for a great raffle. Following giving thanks, we discussed a few ground rules: Have Fun, no Hand of God, help your fellow drivers, stay on the trail and don’t disturb wildlife or the native plants located on the property and one more reiteration that this was meant to be a Super Fun Day. 11268362_360476090812291_2518134082353789587_o Class 2 took to the course first in an open start as the drivers hurried getting the last few things ready. Soon after, a few of the class 3 drivers that were not a running a class 2 rig, set out to conquer the course. Right off the bat the beginning of the course traversed up the riverbank to rock ledges, which always prove to be a tough spot. Several drivers found weak spots in their trucks having to quickly do a bit of repair and adjustment. As they reached the end of that leg they came upon the Carolina Bridges that made their first appearance at Motorama, and have been traveling with the Axial Ambassadors everywhere from Belleview Florida to Daytona for Jeep Beach.

Soon after they hit the semi-dry riverbed section, they navigated the partially submerged bridge and down through some very sandy and slippery rocks, which directed them over a bamboo bridge to an island formed by the floods of 2004. Trail marker followed by another, drivers worked through the random river rocks, boulders back to the top of the island, and eventually back across the dry riverbed to the shore. Though the next section could be viewed as an easy stroll through the gardens with scattered small obstacles, it seemed to get the best of some of our drivers. They began to get tired and the wobbly suspension bridges proved to be tougher than they looked. As they finished the final gates that curled around the property gardens, the excitement began to grow as the smell of lunch permeated the air.

Mrs. Nancy Rice, mother to Axial Ambassador and host Story Rice, had prepared a filling menu that included, Italian Sausage covered with peppers and onions on hoagie rolls, fresh summer salad, chips, fresh tossed field greens salad and a variety of dessert bars. Comforting food filled bellies and boosted sprits, preparing drivers, including class 3, to carry on navigating their way through the end of the course.


Shortly there after began the awards Ceremony, were the top drivers were awarded for their greatness in navigating the trail with little faults. Class 2 winner was Joseph Meaders, while Class 3 victory went to Marcus Moore, both receiving highly coveted Axial Camo-bill hats and class trophies! Remaining prizes were raffled off to drivers and spectators.


After a small break waiting for night fall to begin the night run, some drivers left while others stayed, those who hung around were hooting and hollering through the course as they had been during the day but under the light of a full moon, along with lights mounted to these great tiny trucks! Once completed the two drivers that managed to hit the least trail markers Shawn Barton and Matthew Walker both received Axial Camo-bills, along with more prizes in a raffle fashion to the remaining drivers. The drivers that had to head out did so quickly; some with over an hour drive to get home from the Ranger Station, while others set up tents to camp for the night. Great times were had by all and another Axial Adventure is already being planned for the Fall at the West Fork Ranger Station.



10608354_360475710812329_4455645564183150097_o 11141779_1108602449157012_6509360296087327167_n


Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 9.59.14 AM 11391438_10205809983520058_32218362823581375_n 11351344_10205809987400155_5296750408232771309_n 11270608_360476127478954_1043525695394286002_o 11270595_954742614545770_2715336286739484861_o 11259145_10205809988480182_5724080381380282775_n 11141779_1108602449157012_6509360296087327167_n 10838176_360476034145630_7173608699476754544_o1800064_360475440812356_8854244867534702622_o

AXIALFEST 2015 Sponsor: Knight Customs


Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce that Knight Customs has been added to the sponsor list for AXIALFEST2015!


Knight Customs was founded in 2012 in Southern California. Our mission is to bring you only the best 3D printed parts for your 1/10 scale radio control models. Knight Customs create individual accessories, driver figures & body sets, to help you add more realism to your scale builds.
Instagram: @knightcustoms
Online Store:

AXIALFEST 2015 Sponsor: Futaba


Axial RC Inc. is proud to announce that Futaba has been added to the sponsor list for AXIALFEST2015!


Futaba Denshi was established in 1948 as a manufacturer and seller of receiver vacuum tubes. Utilizing vacuum tube technology, Futaba began manufacturing fluorescent tube displays. In 1962 Futaba began producing radio control equipment as well as press and punching die components, placing what still remain two of the company’s primary divisions. This was later followed by the development of mold base components and digital position readout systems, and the more recent addition of Vacuum Fluorescent Display tube modules. Firmly embracing the principle of manufacturing each component in-house, Futaba creates everything from its own tools to its own manufacturing facilities. The soundness of this strategy is validated by their ever growing list of awards for consistent, high-quality products. Today Futaba Corporation is the world leader in Vacuum Fluorescent Flat Panel Display (VFD) used in automotive and consumer products, and Radio Control Systems for both hobby and industrial applications.
Interesting fact:
In the movie Back to the future “doc” is seen using a Futaba controller to drive his Delorean.