Skeeno’s AXIALFEST 2015 REPORT Part 3 of 3

event_axialfest2015_pt3 Skeeno’s AXIALFEST 2015 REPORT PART 3/3 Words and Photos by Matt ‘Skeeno’ Soileau with a few photos from Rivas Concepts sprinkled in here and there. July 16-18, 2015 Cisco Grove Campground, Cisco Grove, California This is the third and final installment of Skeeno’s AXIALFEST2015 Report.  In this blog I will be covering what everyone came to AXIALFEST2015 for the RECON G6 Challenge. After the RECON TerraX and Rhythm Drags on Friday morning and afternoon, there was a small break before the RECON G6 Driver’s Meeting. I took this time to visit some of the old sponsors attending AXIALFEST2015. DSCF0122 First stop was the Wertymade Products camp.  He was camped out with ScalerFab. DSCF0130 I tried to say hello to Ty from Tekin, but he was out helping out some AXIALFESTers that needed some assistance with their ESCs.  Ty wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to run the RECON G6 that night. DSCF0312 Up at G Central, Tree and Josh Harris were making some last minute adjustments to the water feature. DSCF0336 By the time I made my loop of the campground, people were starting to gather for the RECON G6 Driver’s Meeting. DSCF0335 I started to notice some interesting hats in the crowd. DSCF0339 DSCF0337 The aluminum foil hats were to pay tribute to AXIAL’s 10th Anniversary.  Since 10 years is the silver anniversary and silver is a little difficult and expensive to work with, Parker went with aluminum foil as the medium in which to design the head wear with. DSCF0345 I also think it was partially to entertain him.  He just wanted to see how many people he could get to wear tin foil hats.  Art Bell would have been proud. DSCF0589 Decorated socks were also part of the 10th Anniversary Attire.  Prizes were awarded for the best hat and socks. DSCF0334 The crowd just got bigger… DSCF0346 And bigger… The Pic …until, Holy Moly!  That is a lot of G6ers!  That right there is 646 registered drivers and their support crews all staged and ready for the AXIALFEST2015 RECON G6 Challenge.  I’m sure this is the largest RC event of individual participants ever.  It was quite an impressive site. DSCF0363 1 After Parker gave the official instructions to those that missed all the PreAXIALFEST2015 blogs, it was time to get G6in’.  Skeeno Jr. headed off with one of the trail groups.  You can see the King of Scale trying to keep up with her. 2 Skeeno Jr and Big Yeti from CKRC got a little distracted by all the people driving at once.  If you’ve never seen over 600 G6ers all driving at once, you should. DSCF0316 Josh Harris got to see his handy work in action over at the water feature.  The water and slick rocks were a challenging combination. DSCF0368 Skeeno Jr. kept on driving into the dark.  Luckily, Alien GeeSix’s SCX10 G6 Edition Jeep is equipped with a light bar.  It made navigating in the dark much easier. DSCF0369 I followed Skeeno Jr. down to what used to be the creek.  This year it was mostly puddles in the rocks, but Parker made sure you still got your wheels wet. DSCF0380 Even thought there was a little back up on some of the initial trail markers, Mr. Fokai was in good spirits as his family and friends waited their turns. DSCF0372 The wait gave some of the mommas and kiddos a chance to rest. DSCF0374 Uh oh, trouble on the first few trail markers of the AXIALFEST2015 RECON G6?  Hope you remembered your parts and tools. DSCF0373 DSCF0383 After the rocks in the creek, things became a little sandy. DSCF0370 The terrain varied greatly. So, it wasn’t uncommon to go from slick rocks to sand to rough granite to mud to silt to packed dirt all within a few trail markers. DSCF0392 DSCF0371 Down by the river, the rocks were extremely slick. DSCF0402 Most rigs needed assistance up these slick climbs. Luckily, tow straps were in abundance and fellow G6ers were eager and happy to lend assistance. DSCF0390 I met Mark Weir at the Novak/Cannondale campground on the way back to camp for the night. Mark is a mountain biking legend who is also into RC. I was a little starstruck and accidentally called him Mike. DSCF0404On Saturday morning, I set out to see how things were going out on the G6 trails.  Most people finished two sections Friday night and the other four on Saturday.  It was up to each driver to decide when to take breaks when they felt it was needed, so there were lots of AXIALFESTERs out all day running at their own pace. DSCF0405 The first RECON G6ers I came upon were up on the hill. It kinda looked Rubiconish up here. DSCF0407 Almost exactly like my first trip into the Rubicon in my buddy’s first generation Ford Bronco.  If only this Deadbolt was black, it would be an exact match. DSCF0410 Down the trail in the trees, I saw this little guy navigating for his dad by pointing out the next trail markers. DSCF0420 There were lots of these culvert tunnels all around AXIALFEST2015.  Parker made sure you drove through each one. DSCF0424 DSCF0426The Culvert Crouch was a popular pose. DSCF0313 DSCF0315 Lights made it easier to see your rigs as they drove into the darkness. DSCF0430 DSCF0433 Down by the river, drivers formed queue lines as they waited their turns DSCF0434 Here, Mr. Chino wished he had front dig to pull his FJ around. DSCF0438 DSCF0448 You don’t see many Volvos out wheelin’.  This grocery getter was gettin’ it! DSCF0451 Fokai Jr. took a break after walking down the long Hell’s Highway toward the river. DSCF0453 This youngster helped his dad up this ledge. DSCF0460 This future G6er was part of the support crew.  Her job was to walk slowly and look cute.  She did it with flair. DSCF0465 Posing by the trail heads was a popular photo opportunity. DSCF0472 DSCF0473 Slick rocks ahead.  Get your tow straps ready. DSCF0468 Lending a tow strap is always the courteous thing to do. DSCF0476 DSCF0477 Sometimes a bump to push the driver in front of you over an obstacle is needed. DSCF0479 Dohoney Brothers Racing in the house! DSCF0483 Dropping in the sandy driveway to the creek. DSCF0486 These guys were working the rocks over by the front of camp. DSCF0505 Another culvert? 3 Yup, Skeeno Jr. found them as well. DSCF0525 Over on the other side of the camp, things were more silty than rocky. DSCF0527 The silt got dug out easily and made using the towstraps mandatory on some obstacles. DSCF0529 This is my tent trailer brother taking a break with his crew. It was good to meet you and discuss our love of camping. DSCF0534 DSCF0536 Big rocks and loose dirt makes for a challenging trail. DSCF0537 A couple that G6es together stays together.  Get your significant other an SCX10 today and save your relationship. DSCF0540 No shame in taking a break.  Sometimes your feet need it. DSCF0542 I found Skeeno Jr over on this side.  She was trying to finish her fifth trail.  Luckily, she had help up some of the more dug out sections. DSCF0545 The bamboo bridge looked innocent, but I saw some tires slide in between the slats. DSCF0548 She finally made it out of the woods and over to the water. DSCF0556 She was happy to cool off over at the Float Your Rig Challenge.  SS WMRBB (aka WalMart Root Beer Bottles) made a fine but unglamorous watercraft. DSCF0509 This barge had an awesome plaque. DSCF0562 Wheel powered! DSCF0567 Fan Powered! DSCF0578 So many different takes on the Float Your Rig Challenge. DSCF0601 Large Marge was not only huge, but had some awesome detail.  It won the award for best boat at the Concourse on Friday night. DSCF0608 Pack you kids up tightly, so they don’t fall in the water. DSCF0610 Things were so relaxed on Saturday afternoon that even the G Crew got out to drive.  Here, Mr. Tree gets some wheel time before the awards ceremony. DSCF0611 Team KNK happily paused for food and maintenance to make sure they would finish.  Remember, finishing a RECON G6 is winning a RECON G6. DSCF0619 Down by the river, I spotted these brave souls trying out some Ultra lines. DSCF0622 Down these slick rocks was a scary fall. DSCF0624 You had to trust your tires to attempt these lines. DSCF0628 DSCF0658 I was afraid to watch, so I went to find Skeeno Jr.  I knew she was getting close to finishing. DSCF0630 During my search for Skeeno Jr. I saw this guy searching for the next trail marker. 4 I found Skeeno Jr. just as she completed the last trail marker on her last section.  She did it, 600 trail markers and no mechanical issues in her mostly stock Axial SCX10 RECON G6 Edition Jeep. She was feeling proud of her accomplishment.  It was her first AXIALFEST finish in three attempts. DSCF0679 IMAG00110 We arrived at the awards ceremony a little late after eating dinner.  The crowd was already large and the pavilion was packed to the gills to watch the awards presentation. Winners received their awards and took photos with the official AXIALFEST2015 photographer. You can see pics of the winners here: After awards was the raffle.  Everyone watched in amazement as winner after winner and thousands of dollars of awesome swag came up to grab their prizes.  Some lucky winner took home a Magnaflow exhaust, another won a set of Method Racing Wheels (for full size cars, not RC!) as well as dozens of Axial kits and RTRs.  If you were lucky, you took home a limited edition Judd Rummage RTR! IMAG00112 Sunday morning we had to pack up and return to the real world. It was a truly memorable, record setting weekend filled with memories.  I had to say goodbye to my new and old G Crew members as they traveled back to Reno, Arkansas, and Austria.  I can’t wait to see them again next year. If you haven’t started making plans to attend AXIALFEST2016, I suggest you stop procrastinating.  The date is set (July 15-17) and the Cisco Grove Campground is already filling up.  You don’t want to be left out of the greatest RC show on earth. Get your AXIALFEST2016 info here:

Skeeno’s AXIALFEST 2015 Report Part 2 of 3



Words and Photos by Matt ‘Skeeno’ Soileau with a few photos from Rivas Concepts sprinkled in here and there.

July 16-18, 2015

Cisco Grove Campground, Cisco Grove, California

In Part 1, I covered my Wednesday and Thursday at AXIALFEST. This blog is going to cover my Friday morning and afternoon.

After a peaceful mountain sleep and hearty breakfast, I was ready for AXIALFEST2015 to really get kicked into gear.  Thursday night registration and Concourse Show and Shine was fun, but I was ready for some racing.

The first event on Friday morning was the RECON Terra Cross, aka the RECON TerraX, aka the RTX. The RTX is an off-road race like no other.  The RTX was held partially on a basketball court and partially in the dirt.  Rocks, jumps, logs, and sand were strewn about to make navigating a challenge.


I saw that Rebel Off Road was also ready and waiting to watch the RTX.


At the driver’s meeting, Parker went over the special rules of the RTX.  In an RTX, there is no marshaling allowed. That means if you flip over, you become track art if you can’t get your rig flipped over with a little trigger play. Also, races are only two or three laps long, so clean driving is imperative.


Tree provided a perfect flag pole while Mrs. Werty signaled the beginning of competition with the national anthem.


Drivers got lined up to begin.


And they’re off.  Remember to drive smartly.


First obstacle of the RTX was the kicker ramps.


Some drivers couldn’t even get 20 feet before crashing.


Second obstacle was this sandy hill dubbed the Dust Bunny.



It ended the race quickly for those that couldn’t control their steering hand.



After the hill was a rocky gully.  It squashed the dreams of hoards of RTXers.




Chaff Channel was next.  It was relatively easy as long as you kept your cool.





The rock strewn tarmac chicane looked easy, but those rocks really bucked rigs off their lines.


20150717_122101 20150717_122647-1

DSCF0213The final turn to the finish was this slick 180 degree turn.  Precision throttle and steering was necessary to keep your rig pointed in the correct direction.  Lots of races were won in this corner.

IMAG00107After a full morning of exciting RTX racing, it was time for a lunch break.  We had a make your own teriyaki chicken kabob station over a G Central.

DSCF0118On the way back from lunch I noticed someone put these stickers all over the place.  They were on the ground pretty much everywhere you looked.  They directed you towards the trail heads for the RECON G6 that would begin Friday night.  This was a great idea, because some of the trail heads were fairly far from G Central and would have been difficult to find without help.

DSCF0304After lunch, the Rhythm Drags began.  These were drag races held on a specially prepared track.  And by specially prepared, I mean rocked, sanded, and mudded.  This was not a point and shoot course.

DSCF0261Josh Harris made sure the drivers got lined up for each race.


This first bump was a doozy.  Too much throttle and your rig flipped its lid and end up on its back.


It is difficult to maintain throttle control when your competition is right next to you.



This sandy corner spun out lots of competitors.


This muddy corner was the final turn before the final stretch.


It was harder to navigate than it looked.



Even the final straight was tricky.  It was sprinkled with sand to trip up heavy throttle fingers.

DSCF0276After seeing everyone racing, Skeeno Jr said she wanted to try it next year.


There was no waiting for next year.  I told her to get in line and be ready.


There is Skeeno Jr after winning her first round race and mentally preparing for round two.


The mud hole got more and more rutted…


DSCF0298 But Skeeno Jr piloted Alien GeeSix with no problem to win her next few races before being knocked out just before the finals. With a smile on our faces, we walked back to camp to get ready for the RECON G6.

WP_20150716_015Before we got to our campsite, I saw Elio’s scale camp had a scale campfire.  I told you he was the King of Scale didn’t I?

The RECON G6 began Friday night and continued through Saturday evening.  Look for Skeeno’s AXIALFEST2015 Report Part 3 where I cover the RECON G6.  You won’t want to miss it.



Skeeno’s AXIALFEST 2015 Report Part 1 of 3



Words and Photos by Matt ‘Skeeno’ Soileau with a few photos from Rivas Concepts sprinkled in here and there.

July 16-18, 2015

Cisco Grove Campground, Cisco Grove, California

You probably know what AXIALFEST is by now.  If you don’t know what AXIALFEST is, you better read, learn, and plan on attending next year.

AXIALFEST is Axial’s thank you to their loyal customers and a celebration of Axial products and scale adventure. It has been called the Woodstock of RC, the annual gathering of scale RC Axial fans. It is a great time to spend with friends and families, camp, race, drive, and generally enjoy the mountains and driving Axial vehicles.

2015 marked the 10th anniversary of Axial RC Inc. Since I’ve attended all previous AXIALFESTS, I knew the 10th anniversary was going to be the biggest and best yet.


Skeeno Jr. and I packed up and headed up a day early to get set up and ready for the fun. Here’s a recap of my Wednesday and Thursday at AXIALFEST2015.


After I exited Interstate 80 at exit 165, I was happy to see tons of signs pointing me in the right direction.


Cisco Grove Campground was fully decorated and ready for the mass of Axial fans that would soon be arriving.


First stop was into the camp store to get my campsite registration completed.


Luckily, there was a sign to remind me where to go.


In the store, these fine, young ladies got me my campsite and cheerfully directed me towards my spot. They also told me that over 350 camp spots had been reserved. Wow, this WAS going to be bigger than ever!


I spotted the entrance to Trail D on the way to my campsite. It looked like Brian Parker had been busy and the RECON G6 courses were all set and ready.


CKRC Hobbies was already there and set up to support any drivers that needed help.  They had a sweet 5th wheel set up and a trailer full of kits, parts, tools, and accessories available to anyone that needed it.


My camp spot was easy to find, since I stayed in the same one last year. We chose a new orientation for the G-Crew trailer this year. It worked well for taking care of all 10 of the G-Crew volunteers this year.


One thing I was sure to bring was some Fisherman’s Friend Throat Lozenges for Mr. Brian Parker. If you attend a RECON G6 event, he would love you to bring him a box. He has a sensitive throat.



After I got set up, I headed up to G-Central to see what was going on. Being that is was Wednesday, things were pretty quiet since AXIALFEST2015 wasn’t scheduled to start until Thursday evening. Everyone must have been resting and storing energy for the coming storm of Axial fans that would be arriving the next day.


I walked back to camp and spotted RECON’s Mr. Parker, and AXIALFEST2015′s Official Host and Emcee. He was primed and ready for the weekend.


I also ran into my G-Crewmate and campmate, the world famous, Mr. Roland Rockshop, aka Josh Harris taking a break while working on a waterfall near G-Central.


It was really turning into a family reunion. I spotted the unmissable 6’8″ Mr. Tree, aka Eric O’Brien posing seductively near our camp. That earned him an extra bratwurst for dinner.


The next morning, I noticed RPP Hobby had arrived when I walked up to see what the rumpus was up at G-Central.


Things were definitely busier than yesterday up at G-Central. Here the Axial Crew was getting everything ready for registration.


This was new. They had maps of all the events and trails for AXIALFEST2015. Sweet!


Limited Edition AXIALFEST2015 Sticker Sheet? Yes, please!


They also had custom score cards with participants’ names and custom laminates with the itinerary on the back. Mine was silver because I was a privileged member of the G-Crew and media. No need to steal trail markers with these sweet souvenirs.


I went for a tour of the campground again as saw this son taking his mom and dog for a walk with his Axial SCX10 Jeep JK.


I also spotted this sweet vintage tent trailer. I have a soft spot for these.


More RECON G6 Family members! You may recognize Daniel Seigel in the middle, he has been to many RECON G6 events. This was his first AXIALFEST. He brought two of his fellow countrymen from Austria. Austria, like 6,000 miles away Austria. These guys are serious Axial fans.


Up at G-Central, RPP Hobby had been busy setting up. They also brought a full complement of parts and accessories.


Scale campsites were pretty popular this year. These scale tents and camp chairs were awesome.

DSCF0036 Here, the King of Scale, Elio Dianda, was setting up his campground.


That’s a scale tree with a scale tire swing in a scale fishing pond with a scale pier with a scale fisherman with a scale pole next to a scale outhouse next to a scale picnic table next to …. You get the idea. Scale everything!


The scale Coleman multi-fuel stove was my favorite part. Can you see the scale tongs?

DSCF0059Josh Harris and Brian Parker continued to fine tune the RECON G6 trails during the day with the help of the CKRC UTV.

DSCF0064Up at G-Central, I ran into Matthew Kett of the Scale Builders Guild trying to convince my old road dog, Mr. Anthony Rivas, of Rivas Concepts to run for president. Rivas said Trump can’t play the “Who has deeper pockets?” game with him because he has holes in his pockets! My vote would definitely go to Rivas if he ultimately decides to run.


I almost had to tell the driver of this Earth Roamer to stay off the trails until tomorrow night, but it turned out it was Elio coming over to relay a message to me to get dinner started.  This truck is awesome.


The driver has a copy of RC Car Action on the dash. Did I mention Elio is the King of Scale?

DSCF0075 After dinner, people started to line up for registration. The line was a little long. Over 600 drivers will do that.

DSCF0101This was a good time to get to know your fellow Axial fans. I heard new friendships forming and old ones being renewed as AXIALFEST attendees visited with each other.

DSCF0121I ran into some of my old AXIALFEST friends, Mr. Frank Testa and Mr. Russ Cushway.  Always good to see my RECON G6 family.


First stop after the Waiver Booth was Tech Inspection. You can see the concerned look on the young man’s face as he hopes his rig passes. No worries though, tech inspection was more about giving advice to new AXIALFEST attendees. Axial staff made jokes with drivers about under-inflated tires and cracked windshields while pointing out potential failure points such as loose wires and screws.



Vehicles that ‘passed inspection’ were given this sweet sticker.


After Tech, drivers went to the registration booth to collect their driver’s bags.


Skeeno Jr. was happy to have a chance to work behind the scenes helping the Axial staff with registration.


Here’s a sampling of all the stuff in the driver’s bags; AXIALFEST2015 shirt, hat, water bottle, patches, stickers, map, score card, raffle bracelet, laminate, lanyard, and coozie.



Special Pro Tip from Werty Made Products’ own Matt Henry. Pop a small hole in your coozie and attach your lanyard. Now you have a handy scorecard and pen holder for tomorrow’s RECON G6. Brilliant!

DSCF0088 After picking up driver’s bags, drivers walked over to another table to collect more swag.  Good thing they had the AXIALFEST2015 bags to hold all their goodies.

Then drivers went over to RPP to get another limited edition AXIALFEST2015 shirt and more swag.


Hey, hold up the shirt, so we can see it.




Next, drivers got into a little photo shoot with the official AXIALFEST2015 photographer, John Cary. Did you find yourself in this album on Facebook?


Drivers could then place their rigs into the Concourse for judging in the Show and Shine.

DSCF0095 Rivas and Tree were there to direct the traffic.

DSCF0138Everyone inspected the rigs in the Concourse.

DSCF0112 This was my favorite because it mimicked Rivas’s RECON G6 truck. This thing was way cooler than my camera could hope to capture. It was a custom one off by Judd Rummage.


I’m a sucker for anything Overland. This rig got my vote.


I’d overland in this Land Rover for sure.


Got to see a RECON G6 veteran, Mr. Chris Goris and his Blue Bastard towing an old Shasta trailer.


And this Subaru Brat was another one of my personal choices. Subaru Brat, whataya think about that?


Ultimately, it was all about the details and the King of Scale, Elio Dianda never ceases to amaze with things like scale beer cans. He took home the Concourse Show and Shine title for AXIALFEST2015.


At the end of the night, Mr. Rodney Wills of Axial and Mr. Brian Parker of RECON G6 were feeling good and looking forward to Friday’s events.
DSCF0141 Keep an eye out for Skeeno’s AXIALFEST2015 Report Part 2 coming soon where I’ll recap my Friday at AXIALFEST2015.




SCORE Dirty Dozen–Young Guns of 2015 SCORE World Desert Championship, 8.19

Words: SCORE International WP_DirtyDozen_Pt1_500x220

RENO, Nev., USA—Helping to promote the new generation of desert racers, SCORE International has released the current SCORE Dirty Dozen–the ‘Young Guns’ of the 2015 SCORE World Desert Championship. All less than 30 years old and regulars in this year’s series, the SCORE Dirty Dozen represents a cross section of the next generation of SCORE desert racers that have made and continue to emblazon the world of desert racing with their flamboyant skill and dynamic persona. SCORE, the world’s foremost desert racing organization, features Pro and Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, UTVs, motorcycles and ATVs. The SCORE Dirty Dozen represents several of the categories of classes with four who race in SCORE Trophy Truck, the marquee SCORE racing division for high-tech, 850-horesepower unlimited production trucks. In addition to a full eight-page spread in the current SCORE Journal, issue No. 7, links to special videos produced by Telly-award winning BCII TV of SoCal, the 2015 SCORE Dirty Dozen young guns are available on the SCORE website at…



Aaron Ampudia – Age 22, Class 1600, Ensenada, Mexico, No. 1636 Papas & Beer Racing Alumi Craft-VW Aaron Ampudia, is a second-generation desert racer who started going to SCORE Baja races at three years old to watch his dad, and later his brothers race. Aaron Ampudia started racing dirt bikes at four, and later transitioned to a Trophy Kart. He has spent the last two years racing as a co driver in SCORE Class 1/2-1600 where he finished second last year in season points including his first victory at the SCORE San Felipe 250. This year, Aaron Ampudia has taken the role of driver of record with great success. He won Class 1/2-1600 in both the SCORE Baja Sur 500 and the SCORE Baja 500 and finished third in the season-opening SCORE San Felipe 250 and currently has a commanding point lead in his class.

Justin Davis – Age 21, Class TT, Chino Hills, Calif., No. 85 Green Army Motorsports Chevy Silverado Davis, started racing in Class 1/2-1600 when he was just 15. He has since raced in Class 10, SCORE Lites, Class 1 and now SCORE Trophy Truck. While he has a lot of experience, Davis does not consider himself a flashy driver. “I’m not the most radical driver, I am more conservative,” says Davis. “If you don’t make it to the finish line it does not matter how fast you were. I conserve my truck for the end of the race, rather than be the fastest in the first 100 miles.” Davis won the SCORE Class 10 point crown in 2010 and the SCORE Class 1 season point title in 2011 before moving up to SCORE Trophy Truck in 2014. He also has two class wins in the SCORE Baja 1000.

Mark Samuels – Age 25, Class Pro Moto, Pioneertown, Calif., No. 5x ox Motorsports Honda CRF450X Mark Samuels got his start in Motocross when he was just three years old. He began racing seriously as a amateur in his teens and turned pro at 21. With second place finishes in the SCORE San Felipe 250 and SCORE Baja Sur 500, Samuels is off to a great start to in the 2015 season and is currently in third place in the Open Motorcycle point standings. Samuels credits lots of practice for his success this season. “My favorite part of SCORE Baja racing is the places you get to race through at the high speeds we achieve. I also like all the awesome people you get to meet while you’re down in Baja.”

Brandon Walsh – Age 28, Class 7, Encinitas, Calif., No. 701 Homemade Motorsports Toyota Tacoma Walsh began racing at 19 when he took a stock Toyota Tacoma, put in the required safety gear, and raced in Sportsman Truck at the 2005 SCORE Baja 500. He had no radio, intercom or GPS but he was determined to race anyway. Walsh has learned a lot about racing in the past few years. “I learned the hard way. I absolutely sucked for a couple years. I was very young and had an attitude,” says Walsh. “It took me awhile to learn that going slower is faster. Not trying to beat everyone in the first 100 miles is the way to go. ” Walsh is currently in third place in the Class 7 after three races in this year’s series.

Cody Reid – Age 23, Class 10, Apple Valley, Calif., No. 1068 RPI Racing Custom-Chevy Reid, whose bother Shelby is driver of record in SCORE Class 1, started his racing career at age 16 in a Class 9 car. In 2014 he won the SCORE Class 10 championship, and this year won Class 10 in the inaugural SCORE Baja Sur 500. “My driving style is to keep the car wheels down” says Reid. “I take it a turn at a time and drive what I can see. I don’t charge hard in the dust, where others do. I push myself and the car to what I feel are the limits, and hope for the best.” Reid is currently second in the 2015 SCORE Class 10 point standings.

Eduardo “Lalo” Laguna – Age 24, Class TT, Mexicali, Mexico, No. 17 RPM Racing Chevy Silverado Laguna is a soft spoken desert racer who won his first race in SCORE Trophy Truck in only his second attempt when he won the Inaugural Bud Light SCORE Baja Sur 500 in April. Laguna is driven by goals and his his hope is to claim the number one plate for the RPM Racing SCORE Trophy Truck as the season Champion. Laguna is currently fourth in SCORE Trophy Truck season points. In the other two races this year he finished seventh in San Felipe in January and 17th in Ensenada in June.

Glamping Vs. Camping

WP_glamp_vs_camp_500x220The age old question, Glamping Vs. Camping… Which are you?

Is your food shopping done in the sporting goods store with a gram scale weighting everything and adhering to the “an ounce today is a pound tomorrow” mantra?


Super marketing here I come, I’ve got coolers for days and an SUV that will haul everything one could imagine, including the kitchen sink?

How Car Transmissions & Synchromesh Work



Chances are that at some point you found yourself scratching that head of yours attempting to figure out how a manual transmission and synchromesh gears work. Dating all the way back to 1936, Chevrolet developed a movie called “Spinning Gears” that explains just how everything works. Pop some popcorn, kickback and learn.

On another note, this video was produced back in 1936. Meaning all of those graphics and editing were done by hand, as in no computers were used. That’s super cool.


Video LINK

2015 CKRC/U4RC NorCal-SoCal Shootout








The “2015 CKRC/U4RC NorCal-SoCal Shootout” is now a chapter in the r/c history books. That’s right, history was made on 6/20/15 at Berchard R/C Raceway inside the Glen Helen Motorsports Park, with the first ever “regional level” R/C rock race event. There were championship titles on the line for each of the 6 different current U4RC classes. All of which were “highly” contested with 60+ entries for the event. U4RC has really stepped it up to bring the best experience to ALL of its enthusiasts by providing a “live feed” broadcasted worldwide of the entire event. Who would have ever thought that such a raw form of R/C racing born from the merging of the R/C endurance event KOTC and “parking lot” short course racing behind the old RCP Crawlers, would turn out this successful? . The drivers’ giveaway and raffle topped $3500 worth of hard core r/c swag! The items ranged from Axial Racing RTRs and kits, to Vanquish RC high end hop-ups to Holmes Hobbies’ quality electronic products and the list goes on and on!


There were racers in attendance from all over the Western U.S. including; SoCal, NorCal, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oregon. The pits were filled with a “who is who” of insiders from the R/C crawling world, including racers and visitors from Axial Racing, CKRC Hobbies, Voodoo Tires, TCS Crawlers, Pit Bull Tires, Tekin, Vanquish RC, B.A.D. Graphix and many more. The Shootout’s racing action was absolutely the best we have seen to date in U4RC. Every class was a “battle” until the buzzer rang at the end of each Main.




1.9 Trail
class was a feverish fight all day long. Those little 1.9” clad rigs really take a beating while entertaining the crowd of onlookers. This class is based off of the SCX10 platform for the most part. Top honors in 1.9 Trail went to; 1st Johnny Stephens, 2nd place went to Anthonee Ramirez and John Ingold took home a 3rd place trophy for his efforts. This class, and others will be split by a Pro/Limited classification for the upcoming series due to the broad spectrum of ability levels of both driver and rig within the class.

Adam Baker won top honors in 1.9 Comp class. While 2nd place went to Austin Daynes and Scott Coomes of team Whistler Racing took home a 3rd place finish.

1.9 Trophy is the mini version of our grass roots class “2.2 Trophy”. These are highly realistic, all metal chassis’, 7lb minimum, racecars. The “Mini-Beast” chassis operated by RC Fabworks owner Mike Duncan took top honors, followed closely by Team Vanquish driver Dan Wilson, also running a “Mini-Beast” chassis. The third driver on this podium was Team Tekin and VP driver Michael Pham in a custom “one-off” chassis. For those of you that like scale realism, this is one of the two U4 classes that require a highly realistic looking race rig. They look and sound awesome battling it out, on course.

2.2 Comp Limited was definitely a tough class to achieve a podium finish in. All of the podium finishers were racing with modified Axial Wraiths. The rigs’ suspensions are fairly limited in this class to keep racing as fair as possible. 1st place trophy went to Michael Pham, while 2nd place went to Team Whistler co-founder Chris Bailey. The final podium spot for the 2.2 Comp Limited class went to Brian Hood from NorCal-U4RC. This class will also be split for the upcoming series. A special thank you has to go out to Brian Hood for throwing down some of the most passionate, accurate and entertaining announcing we have seen in a long while!

2.2 Comp Open class saw the largest number of entries and it’s no wonder with Axials’ release of the Yeti in 2014. Absolutely the wildest action of the day went on in this class. Yetis were putting down the fastest lap times all day long. The IFS/solid axle configuration works very well on rugged U4RC tracks. Coming out on top of the 2.2 Open class were Mike Duncan (RC Fabworks), followed in 2nd place by Axial/Voodoo team driver and R/C crawling icon Jake Wright. Grabbing a respectable 3rd place finish was Whistler Racing’s Mikey Foerster. These drivers should be very proud of their finishing results because 2.2 Open racing was heavily contested. Team Vanquish driver Michael Pham threw down the fastest overall lap of the event and took home a crisp $100 bill to prove it!

2.2 Trophy class is where the U4RC craze all started from. These race rigs are full custom, all metal chassis’ with the most stringent rules to help keep the class as realistic as possible to their 1:1 counterparts. The rigs in this class are also constantly progressing to keep up with advancements in full size rock racing. Like the smaller 1.9 Trophy rigs, the sound (metal chassis banging off rocks and together) and the visual enjoyment (very realistic) encountered while watching trophy cars race is unmatched by any other form of R/C racing! Team Pro-Line driver Rich Boltz took home the championship with his FletchBuilt chassis. He was followed closely by Team Vanquish/Voodoo driver Dan Wilson in his RC Fabworks Beast rig. The 3rd spot on the podium went to RCP driver Chris Pickering. Chris was also running a FletchBuilt chassis.

In conclusion, U4RC would like to thank Axial Racing for their continued support of not only R/C rock racing, but for supporting the many different forms of R/C events around the globe. Axial really does seem to care about getting a fun, reliable, realistic product into the hands of R/C enthusiasts worldwide. A final thanks goes out to all of the U4RC supporters everywhere. It’s your involvement that got U4 to where it is today and without its’ supporters U4RC would probably be fading out instead of still growing!

1.9trail1 1.9trail2 1.9trail 2.2limited 1.9trophy1 1.9trophy 1.9trail4 2.2open(scottkdriving) 2.2open(scottkbackground) 2.2open 2.2trophy2.jpg 2.2trophy1.jpg 2.2trophy driverstand 10991269_624908584311968_710770773286643754_n 2.2trophy4 2.2trophy3









































































































































For more info on U4RC rock racing please visit us at , U4RC/Facebook or on

words: Jerry Tobin–U4RC
photos: James Goad



The only thing better than getting an Axial vehicle is getting free merchandise along with it! Through September 30, 2015, when you purchase select Axial vehicles, you’ll be eligible to receive a merchandise certificate worth $30 that you can use toward quality merchandise from over 30 top brands.


vehicles1_500x220 vehicles2_500x220 vehicles3_500x220

To receive your merchandise certificate, submit the following, postmarked no later than October 30, 2015:


2. Proof-of-purchase – Include proof-of-purchase from the vehicle packaging with this request (remove the barcode from the packaging – no photocopies will be accepted)

3. Cash register receipt – Your rebate request must be accompanied by the original, dated bearing the retailer’s name and date of purchase. Refer to official rules.

Offer available only to legal residents of the U.S.A. and only from participating retailers in the U.S.A. Used, auction, auction web site and scratch and dent purchases do not qualify. Online or web site purchases also do not qualify. Items are subject to availability. Offer is good only for as long as supplies last. Merchandise Certificate request forms are available online at To receive a Merchandise Certificate, all of the following must be sent to: (2015 Axial Rebate, P.O. Box 9021, Champaign, IL 61826-9021), postmarked no later than October 30, 2015: 1.) this completed request form; 2.) the original proof-of-purchase; and 3.) the original, dated invoice from your vehicle purchase between August 3, 2015 and September 30, 2015. This is a manufacturer offer and cannot be redeemed by retailers or combined with any other offer. Requests from retailers, groups or organizations will not be honored. Duplicate submissions will be discarded. Limit one of each item per name, household or address. Merchandise Certificates may be redeemed only at original place of purchase, and only for products from these companies: AquaCraft Models, ARRMA, Artesania Latina, Axial Racing, Carl Goldberg Classics by Great Planes, Constructo, Coverite, Cox, dBoots, Dromida, Duratrax, Dynaflite Series by Great Planes, ElectriFly, FlightPower, Flyzone, Futaba, Great Planes (Model Manufacturing), Hasegawa, Heli-Max, Hobbico, Hot Bodies, HPI Racing, Italeri, LiFeSource , Muchmore Racing, Novak, O’Donnell Racing Fuel, O.S. Engine, Phoenix Model, SuperTigre, Tactic, Team Durango, Top Flite, TrakPower, VSTank & Xoar.
Offer void where restricted or prohibited by law. We reserve the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time. Please allow four to six weeks for processing.




AXIALFEST 2015 JRC Giveaway


JRC is taking over the AXIALFEST Giveaway! Custom concept builder, Judd Rummage has taken the four Axial Racing RTRs and over $2000.00 in Vanquish parts that are slated to be given away at AXIALFEST 2015 and has transformed that pile of parts and stock vehicles into four JRC custom concept vehicles. Come check it out Judd did four Photoshop renderings of what he wanted these rigs to look like. Then, he built them. Come see the concept next to a photo of the real thing you won’t believe how close it is. Sorry no long build threads or tons of process pictures, just all business and must be seen in person to get the full effect.

JRC is the very first full service, professional graphic design, marketing and vehicle conception service dedicated to the sport and culture surrounding Off Road Vehicles. We operate in both radio controlled scale and full size markets. JRC offers a full range of graphic design services for everyone and has worked with a diverse list of clients, from the average custom scale builder, to large off road giants like Axial Racing, Vanquish products and Rebel Off Road. We offer consulting, branding, marketing, graphic design, logos, icons, stickers, banners, packaging, t-shirts, apparel design, vehicle skins, scale photography, video editing, ads, social media, web, product design and product development. We can consult with you and nail down the whole look of your new project before you even get started buying and building. We can enhance your whole build with a custom graphics concept package that will blow peoples minds. If you want a complete build we can handle that to. We deal with all the best manufactures and vendors directly, to bring the very best in chassis and parts packages. Weather your a pro or just the average builder, we can enhance your next build in ways you never imagined.


Vanquish was the first introduce realistic high voltage lighting solutions for RC trucks. Their partnership with Rigid Industries lighting has led to the evolution some of the brightest RC vehicles lights on the market. This model is Vanquish themed and features a Vanqusih parts package valued over $1000.00. JRC celebrates the adventure night driving with this dark stealthy night predator. Featuring JRC’s exclusive “night camo” pattern. You will be turning heads by day or night if you are the lucky winner of this model.

Vanquish upgrades include:

Currie Axles

Vanquish eight-hole shooter wheels with SLW hubs

Axial HD diff and lockers front and rear with under driven rear

Axial Falkin R35 Wild peak tires

Currie Ti link and steer set

Vanquish Stage one kit

JRC graphic full skin graphics dress up

Vanquish Rigid 6 inch LED light bar

vanquish wrangert TOP 3-4 REAR VIEW FRONT 3-4 FRONT VIEW BOTTOM 3-4 REAR LOGO CLOSEUP JRC_GiveAway-1868



Vanquish “ORANGE CRUSH” Wraith SPAWN body concept
Axial Celebrates their Wraith line this year with the release of the “SPAWN”. JRC couldn’t wait to get a hold of one of these bodies. JRC tackles the 2.2 sector in this concept with a unique chopped body and cage design. This vehicle features Axial’s rugged Wraith based chassis design, with terrain hungry 2.2 tire size for absolute trail domination. You get all of the great advantages of an Axial RTR combined with a full body wrapped Vanquish Products themed graphics package. Lets not forget the full arsenal of Vanquish products installed. I can’t believe this awesome trail beast is going to be given away. The Vanquish parts package alone is valued over $1000.00.

Parts for this build include:

Vanquish OMF wheels with SLW hubs

Currie Axles

HD diff and lockers front and rear with under driven rear

Axial Trepador R35 tires

Currie Ti link and steer set

Vanquish Wraith stage one kit

JRC graphic full skin graphics dress up

Vanquish Rigid 5 inch LED light bar



2015 marks the 10 year anniversary of Axial Racing. They were founded in 2005 and since then have risen to the top of the radio controlled off road vehicle market. Models like the SCX10 and Wraith have propelled Axial to new levels of RC fun. To top it all off 2015 marks the introduction of the Axial YETI.  This race machine exemplifies the Axial spirit, so what better choice for the 10th anniversary themed vehicle. This Anniversary themed vehicle feature a full body wrapped graphics package over a completely RTR YETI Model. This vehicle features all of the usual JRC detail touches including a full custom interior paint job as well.




In the spirit of the Recon G6 Radio Controlled Adventure Racing series we present the “G6 SCOUT TRUCK”. This model features unique styling based on the lifestyle of G6 racing.   If parker had a pre runner race truck, this is what it would look like. The “Scout” features unique styling features, such as shaved fenders and cage. The “topo map” graphics will keep you grounded and navigating in the right direction. The Axial RTR package set up will get you where you want to go. This vehicle is up to the challenge of scouting and testing today’s toughest G6 courses in style.










Rock Racing Class Selection


R/C is a hobby, and a fantastic and fun one at that, but there is also a competitive side—most often in the form of racing. R/C racing has been around just about as long as there have been R/C cars. Racing first took off in parking lots on temporary tracks. As a whole, the hobby has come a long way from the days of parking lot racing. Today there are all sorts of type of competitions. The rock racing segment is a prime example of the awesome variety available. You can learn more about rock racing here. Getting started in racing or even just a segment new to you can be a bit daunting. One of the biggest questions is what class does my rig belong in and what are the rules. Using U4RC as the guideline, here is a breakdown of what class you can expect to compete in at a rock racing event with your Axial Racing vehicle.


If you have an Axial SCX10 with stock or stock-sized 1.9 tires, you can run and be competitive in the 1.9 Trail Limited or 1.9 Trail Pro classes. The 1.9 Trail Limited class is suggested because it is limited to solid axles only and the competition will not be heavily modified.


The 1.9 Trail Limited class only allows for 2S LiPo and motors are limited to 21-turn brushed motors or 18.5 2700 Kv brushless motors. The SCX10 RTR models include Axial’s 27T motor is within the legal limit for 1.9 Trail Limited. While the 27-turn motor will be slower than other motors allowed, your RTR SCX10 won’t require a motor change to compete.

Motor selection can be a little tricky if you don’t know how the motor nomenclature works. When a motor limit is set at 21-turn, such as in the U4RC 1.9 Trail Limited class, the rule is indicating that 21-turn and higher motors can be used. The fewer turns a motor has the faster it will be compared to a similar motor with motor more turns. If the motor limit rule indicates a brushless Kv rating such as 2700 Kv, the  legal motors are 2700 Kv or lower. This is because the higher the Kv rating, the faster the motor.

The 1.9 Trail Pro class removes the battery and motor limits, but is still limited to solid axles. This class will feature more heavily modified vehicles.

2900 kv

The Vanguard 2900KV brushless motor is legal for the 1.9 Trail Pro class and is an excellent motor for this class.


If you have a stock Yeti, the Yeti Limited class is the perfect class. The rules do allow you to upgrade the servo and servo horn, but the rest should be stock.

The next step up is the Yeti/EXO Pro class. There are no motor and battery limits. EXO Terra Buggies will need to be fitted with 2.2 tires to be competitive.

Heavily modified Yetis and EXO Terra Buggies are ideal for the Trophy 2.2  class. Metal cages are required, so this class is for more advanced racers.


Wraith and Ridgecrest
The 2.2 Competitor Limited class is limited to solid axles only, so this class is ideal for the Wraith and Ridgecrest. The U4RC rules even state, “This Class is designed for RTR and kits with Axial only parts.”

3150 kv

The 2.2 Competitor Limited class does restrict motors to 3150 Kv or less, but 550-sized motors are allowed. This means the Axial Racing Vanguard 3150KV is an ideal choice. This motor is loaded with torque and delivers more than enough speed.

The 2.2 Competitor Pro is also an option, but this class will be faster, so it is recommended that a Wraith and Ridgecrest receive some attention before entering this class. This class is ideal for a modified Wraith.


Yeti XL
Even though the Yeti XL RTR can handle 6S, the Yeti XL class is limited to 4S to keep speeds reasonable.


Don’t Stress
U4RC is understanding that many people may be building rigs without a real understanding of their specific rules, so they will allow anyone to compete the first time they show. They will review the rules and your vehicle and explain what needs to be done to comply with the rules. Violations will not be an issue for the first race day, but will be expected to be resolved for the second race.